Google & Your Success

Google ke paas taqreeban har cheez ka jawab hai. Lekin hum uss sey kya kaam lete hain? Kya hum Google ka sahi istimal kartey hain? Kya woh har information jo hamein kamyaab bananey mein madad kar sakti hai, hum Google se poochte hain? The proper use of Google can help us solve a lot of […]

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How Can I Be Successful?


Hum aaj aisa kya kar saktey hain jis se kamyaab ho jaein? Hamare phone, WhatsApp aur Facebook ka kiya taaluq hai hamari kamyabi se? Success comes to those who make the best use of their time. If we take care of how we spend our minutes, we can take care of how we spend our […]

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So You Think You Can or CAN or CAN’T?

I keep harping on the thought: Whatever we think, we become. Some of you tell me it’s not possible and that all of this positive thinking talk is bullshit. And you are right. Most of you would agree with the fact that if we think good things, and try to push away the negative thoughts, […]

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