First He Was Dying to Finish High School…

First he was dying to finish High School, and start College…

Then he was dying to finish College and start Working…

Then he was dying to get Married and have Children…

And then he was dying for his Children to grow and start their job…

Then he was dying to Retire…


In between all this he forgot something:


Don’t let this happen to you,


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  • Thanks Shahab. 

    Yes, tomorrow is a mystery… We only have the present to live. 

    God bless you. 


  • Shahab Ahmed

    Yeah It is right, every one have to appreciate his/her present, Because past became history and future is mystery thats why today is known as present!!! 

  • Rayhan

    Hmm yes its true … but if one wont die for all these how can he live … these all things one have to face in order to get some relief and in poor man’s life one to die every day !

    Good thoughts Sahab !

    Rayhan Haider ….

    • Thanks for the comment, Rayhan.

      One doesn’t have to ‘die’ for all of this, or for that matter ANYTHING.

      Yes, the poor and destitute have problems. Dont have much to eat, let alone better living conditions. But, that doesn’t mean they have lost the will to change their destiny.
      History is full of people who changed themselves, in spite of their circumstances.

      Who would know better that you, sir. You are an accomplished RJ/VJ in one of the most popular Pakistani radio channels. Having interviewed many success stories and having learnt from them everyday.

      Keep inspiring.

      Thanks once again.

      God bless you, always.


  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks for the comment, Ahsan.
    I have visited your blog, its good. Keep up the good work.

    The piece that you read above was sent to me by someone. Don't know the author, but this is so true.

    Thanks once again, Ahsan.

    Have a remarkable life.


  • ahsanpdaredia

    What a great post, people young and old both can learn from this. I recently started my own blog, hope you check it out sometime!


    Ahsan Daredia