Seth’s Blog: The best podcast/radio show of all time

Seth Godin, one of the most popular bloggers in the world, recommends:

Seth’s Blog: The best podcast/radio show of all time

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  • Malik Mirza

    Stone Soup, A Folktale

    We all can create miracles – by working together
    Spend a few minutes to read…..

    There was once a man who had been traveling for a long time. Having run out of food, he was weary and hungry from his journey. When he came upon a small village, he thought, "Maybe someone could share some food."

    When the man knocked at the first house, he asked the woman who answered, "Could you spare a bit of food? I've traveled a long way and am very hungry." "I'm sorry, but I have nothing to give you," the woman replied.

    So the traveler went to the next door and asked again. The answer was the same. He went from door to door and each time he was turned away. But then one villager said, "All I have is some water." "Thank you," the traveler said smiling gratefully, "We can make some soup from that water. We can make stone soup."

    He asked the man for a cooking pot and started building a small fire. As the water started to boil, a passing villager stopped and asked him what he was doing. "I'm making stone soup," the traveler replied. "Would you like to join me?" The curious villager agreed.
    "First, we must add a special stone," said the traveler. "One with magic in it." He reached into his knapsack and carefully unwrapped a special stone he'd been carrying with him for many years. Then he put it in the simmering pot.
    Soon people from the village heard about this strange man who was making soup from a stone. They started gathering around the fire, asking questions. "What does your stone soup taste like?" asked one of the villagers. "Well, it would be better with a few onions," the traveler admitted. "Oh, I have some onions," he replied.
    Another villager said, "I could bring a few carrots." Someone else offered, "We
    still have some potatoes in our garden. I'll go get them."

    One by one, each villager brought something to add to the pot. What had started as just some water and a magic stone, had now become a delicious soup, enough to feed the whole village. The traveler and the villagers sat down together to enjoy their feast, and the miracle they'd help to create.