What is this bird called Happiness? (Happiness Kis Chidiya Ka Naam Hai?)

We have always thought that we will be happy when/if…
I graduate
I have a car?
I am in love?
I get married?
Have my own house?
I have kids?
When they grow up?
When they finish their education ?
When they marry?
When they have have kids… ?
Happiness is not dependent on circumstances, things, possessions…


You want to be happy?
Be Happy NOW!
THINK Happy thoughts
Have a happy, contented LIFE!
Dare to Dream…
Life a fulfilling life! 

“If you want to be happy, Be!” Leo Tolstoy

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • Nuruddin Abjani

    We all have our possessions, sometimes they are very dear to us. Not having possessions or worries do not make you happy.
    Happiness is a decision, you decide to be happy and YOU ARE!
    I know, this sounds too whimsical.
    You may not like it by I consider myself the happiest person on earth. And I have enough worries and a lot possessions… Any idea why?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Mr.Nuruddin Abjani, happiness is a state of mind. A person is happy when he/she is stress free, problems free, tensions free. But unfortunately there are hardly any person in this world who is free of all these things until and unless he/she is a sage. What i feel is that a person who do not posses anything and has nothing to worry about can be happy.

  • Existing somehow

    being happy is not that easy as it seems, is it?

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks for your comments, people.

    Happiness, to me, can't be dependent on things, situation, possessions etc. But that is MY way of thinking and it has, up till now, helped me lead a happy life. Even when I didn't have much to be happy for! (long story! Haha…)

    Happiness is a state of mind…

    A very apt quote from Leo Tolstoy says it all:
    'If you want to be happy, be!'

    Have a happy, remarkable life!


  • Maliha Haider

    Happiness is like a bottom less pit, no matter how much you put into it, it always seems to be empty. So keep putting and stay happy : )

    Happy Piece : )

  • Anonymous

    MASHALLAH…. very well Written sir

  • Anonymous

    i agree. and i would add that it is more the matter of the priniciple of 90/100. that means your attitude to some event counts more than the event it self.So i believe that optimism is the key to happiness. and its a point when u feel satisfied and contended.

  • Anonymous

    i like this. but for a lot of people you cant simply think happy and be happy. if this were the case, everyone would be happy all of the time. sometimes its a long process for just a second of happiness, then it is lost and one must start the process over. just a thought..