Flowers or Weeds In Your Garden?

It is an everyday experience for us to watch weeds growing all around us. A piece of land belonging to no one in particular will soon grow weeds all over.

It seems that if we want to grow weeds, then we don’t need to do anything. No need for seed, fertilizer, water etc. The only thing that you need to do is: Do Nothing!

Does it make you think?
Guess not. At least, not YET.

Let’s take our own example. We don’t really think ourselves. We let our ‘minds’ do the thinking and hardly check what it is making us think. There is no filter that checks what type of thoughts should be thought or allowed in the mind and what type should be shooed away immediately.

Ever heard of: G I G O? *
(G in G Out?)

A gardener would pluck away weeds that begin to grow in his garden lest it spoils the beauty of it and the rest of the garden which he so lovingly nurtures.

Do we ever ‘think’ what we are thinking?

We usually let our minds wander around and it tells us things that are negative and not good for us and WE BELIEVE IT!

A few typical examples would be:

Don’t do this.
Don’t go there.
You will never be able to finish it.
You can never do it.
You always hurt in the end.
You cant get into you own business, you are not cut out for business!
Its too big a dream.
No one has ever attempted it, how could you.
Et al!

Anything that the mind wants to think for us, we let it. At its own free will.

A quick question: Can you recall when was the last time this happened with you?

And an honest answer would be: ALL THE TIME!

As soon as your positivity tries to dream and embark on something out of this world, your ‘mind’ comes in and tells you why you should not or cannot do it.

Ages ago when the man was living in the jungle, he had this uncanny ability to smell danger. The only problem with our mind is that we have matured and arrived at this amazing Google Age yet the mind is still wary of the predator which we haven’t seen in centuries!

If possible, check yourself a few times before letting your mind go off the direction it wants. Make it come back to what is YOUR reality. Not what it makes you think.

We have to check the weeds if we want to grow beautiful flowers. Flowers that take us to places we never dreamt of!

Milton couldn’t have said it any better:
“The mind is in his own place,and in itself can make heaven of hell,
or a hell of heaven.”

Dream Big Dreams!

Have an outstanding life!

Nuruddin Abjani
P.S: If you liked this you would also like to read a brilliantly written book called “Get Out of Your Own Way” by Rober K. Cooper ( ). I highly recommend it.

* GIGO: Garbage In Garbage Out

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  1. Wow.. what a wonderful read Sir, especially Milton’s quote at the end. I feel there is so much to do as humans. We have to keep everything monitored, and ofcourse thats for our own good.
    Controlling what you think, giving directions to your mind is a challenge. But what is it that gives directions to the mind? Who is it? Is there a name for it?

    Thanks for the share.
    Stay blessed Sir ji.

    1. Thanks Asma. You are commenting on this blog after a long time. Welcome back!

      Yes, ‘monitoring’ always helps, be it in one’s professional or private life.

      I think its our own mind which is the culprit, and if left unattended it can create chaos in our life.

      Don’t forget that the mind was created in the stone ages. Where we had to fight for our food, life & everything else.
      Our mind still scares us from anything new that we want to do. Scares us from our failure & reputation in case we fail…

      This part of the brain is called the amygdala, or in Seth Godin’s words, ‘lizard brain’. Dont pay heed to it!!

      Stay blessed.


    2. Asma,
      Thanks for the comment. 
      The culprit is the lizard brain. In scientific terms it is called the ‘amygdala’, but one of my gurus, Seth Godin, calls it the ‘lizard brain’. 
      Stay blessed. 
      Keep shining.
      Keep inspiring. 

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