In His Shoes

  Sometime back I heard a very touching story on one of Anthony Robbins‘ seminars that i was listening to.

This was a story that Stephen Covey’s – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – mentions in his book:

I present here an excerpt from Chapter One of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

“I remember a mini-paradigm shift I experienced one Sunday morning on a subway in New York. People were sitting quietly — some reading newspapers, some lost in thought, some resting with their eyes closed. It was a calm, peaceful scene. Then suddenly, a man and his children entered the subway car. The children were so loud and rambunctious that instantly the whole climate changed.
The man sat down next to me and closed his eyes, apparently oblivious to the situation. The children were yelling back and forth, throwing things, even grabbing people’s papers. It was very disturbing. And yet, the man sitting next to me did nothing.
It was difficult not to feel irritated. I could not believe that he could be so insensitive as to let his children run wild like that and do nothing about it, taking no responsibility at all. It was easy to see that everyone else on the subway felt irritated, too. So finally, with what I felt was unusual patience and restraint, I turned to him and said, “Sir, your children are really disturbing a lot of people. I wonder if you couldn’t control them a little more?”
The man lifted his gaze as if to come to a consciousness of the situation for the first time and said softly, “Oh, you’re right. I guess I should do something about it. We just came from the hospital where their mother died about an hour ago. I don’t know what to think, and I guess they don’t know how to handle it either.”


This is the power of paradigm shift!

We have to see things differently, from other people’s perspective.

Need I say more about this?

Jawad Durrani, thanks. Our discussion during today’s golf game inspired me to share it with people!

Dear friends, your comments are welcome..

Please share your stories and experiences, these will help others live a better life…

Keep shining,

Dare to Dream!

Have a great life!

Nuruddin Abjani

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  1. Whatever info i got from your every post that is useful in my regular life. And as earlier Danial Ghulam Mohiuddin said a book is really helpful for everyone whether a student or a businessman. Really impressive life story and once again a good work from your side.

  2. I am not an avid reader but, this book is so amazing that I read 180 pages in a day. A book definitely everyone should read whether a student, businessman or even a housewife..
    Believe me n give it a shot!

    You’ll never regret this!!!

  3. Sirjee as usual inspirational. I love your blogs for the fact that I learn a lot by reading them.

    Keep blogging & inspiring 🙂


  4. @UJ Yes, you never know why someone is behaving in a particular way until we understand his/her perspective..
    @RL True, only when you wear those shoes you will know the pain and the suffering.

  5. Very, inspiring, its always hard for a person to uderstand the other persons feelings. Its an art more dependent on heart feeling than eye sight and ear hearing.we cannot fathom people unless we have the love that feels for them and with them.There are some who limp, but very few out of choice. The majority have cause. Before we critisize the limper, we should try his shoes. It might give us an education no university can provide and a feeling no sermon can effect.The faultfinder would be more tolerant of another's limp, if he had to wear for a little while those nail- piercing shoes the other fellow has to wear all the time. what a change in tone and pace, if society were to swap shoes. Faces which now smile would have their tears.It is said some where… Happy the man who could search out the cause of things…..

  6. thanks for reminding 🙂

    i remember Ashfaq Ahmed's story in Zavia wherein he talks about a new entrant (lady) in his 'muhalla'. She used to wear extremely thin clothes such that her body would be visible. Everyone use to curse and refer to her as 'lanat', 'nahosat', 'fahesh' etc. After a few weeks they discovered that the lady had a very painful skin disease and cudn't wear normal clothes.

    sometimes all we need to do is ask.

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