A Beautiful, Fulfilling LIFE!

I have found that if we make a habit of doing the following on a regular basis (preferably daily!) then our lives could be different:

  1. Thank God for being alive.
  2. Have a list of dreams and goals and affirm them to yourself, aloud!
  3. Forgive everyone! (Difficult? More on this later) 
  4. Sleep LESS – Live More! (What am I talking about!) 
  5. Watch LESS TV? (Do you HAVE TO? Check this out) 
  6. Be happy with what you have. Look at the people who are below you – Happiness is always from within (The Bird!)
  7. Give yourself 10 minutes everyday, alone. Ask questions like where am I going, what did I do right or wrong today and what do I need to improve.
  8. Read anything for at least 15 minutes, every day.
  9. Say ‘Thanks’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’ more. 
  10. Power Hour: Every morning give yourself an hour: 20 minutes each for your Body(exercise), Mind(read enlightening stuff, not fiction!) and Soul(pray/meditate)
  11. Harm no one, Spread love…
  12. Try to give away something once in a while. It could be time or money.
  13. Before you begin to worry about something, ask yourself: “Would this matter a year from now?”
  14. Don’t sweat the small stuff…And its ALL small stuff.*

These are by no means the only things that would create a beautiful life. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Have a great life!
Keep dreaming.
Shoot for the moon!

Nuruddin Abjani
* A brilliant book,”Dont Sweat The Small Stuff…And It’s ALL Small Stuff.” By Richard Carlson

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  1. Thanks, Wasif.
    To leave a legacy.
    People must remember us for our good deeds rather than the bad ones. Thanks for sharing.
    God bless you, always.

  2. Nice thoughts brother really inspiring & motivational one. I'll sum up the way to live a life by quoting following beautiful text;
    Live Amongst People in Such a Manner That if You DiE They Weep over You & if You are Alive They Crave For Your Company – [Hazrat ALI – KaramALLAH-o-Wajho]

  3. Well said. For life to be the fullest, sweetest and most rewarding:
    Do more than move; improve.
    Do more than get; give.
    Do more than regret; repent.
    Do more than look; see.
    Do more than sympathize; help.
    Do more than build a house; make a home.
    Do more than breathe; live.
    Do more than live; love.
    Man is the artificer of his own happiness.

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