"Write Your Worries On Sand…"

Stephen R. Covey in his best selling book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘ shared a story by Arthur Gordon called “The Turn of the Tide.”
Gordon describes a time when he found his world stale and flat. His enthusiasm for life waned, and he was getting worse daily. A medical doctor found nothing physically wrong with him, but said he might be able to help if Gordon could follow his instructions for one day.
He was to spend the next day in the place where he’d been happiest as a child. He was not to talk to anyone, nor to read, write, or listen to the radio. The doctor then wrote out four prescriptions and told him to open one at 9a.m., noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m.
The next morning, Gordon went to the beach. His first prescription said only this: “Listen carefully.” It seemed insane to listen to waves for three hours. But he did it – and began to hear more and more sounds that weren’t obvious at first. He began to think of lessons he’d learned as a child from the sea: patience, respect for the interdependence of things. He felt a growing peace.
The noon prescription read, “Try reaching back.” To what? He thought of the joyful times of his childhood, and felt a growing warmth inside.
The 3 p.m. message threw some cold water on him: “Examine your motives.” At first, he was defensive. Of course he wanted success, fame, security – he could justify them all. But then it occurred to him that these motives weren’t good enough, and that fact was making him stagnant. 
“It makes no difference,” he wrote later, “whether you are a mailman, a hairdresser, a housewife -whatever. As long as you feel you are serving others, you do the job well. When you are concerned only with helping yourself you do it less well – a law as inexorable as gravity.”
When 6 p.m. came, the final prescription didn’t take long to fill: “Write your worries on the sand.” He knelt and wrote several words with a piece of broken shell; then he turned and walked away. He didn’t look back; he knew the tide would come in.

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Dare to dream!

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Nuruddin Abjani

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  1. U forgot the rest half. Let me complete.
    “write your worries on sand/water, and your good times on Rocks”…. 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article of yours as usual. 
    Keep posting. Jazakallah 🙂

  2. I read this piece quite some time ago…. it inspired me then…. it inspired me now… again… well written and quoted. I believe people today don’t have the ‘ability’ to stop for a while and listen… observe… and feel..

    Insensitivity is obvious.

    1. Thanks, Alishba.
      You hit it right on the head!
      As Blaise Pascal once said:
      “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room – alone.”
      Thanks for the comment.
      God bless you.

  3. Just been to the beach today, wish could have read it before going. Will go tomorrow now, write me worries on the sand and off my mind. Thank you so much for sharing.


  4. Thanks Nazia & Tayyiba for the comments.

    Nazia: I read this a long time back:
    Thoughts becomes words…Words become actions…Actions become habits…Habits become character… Character becomes your destiny.
    Yes, it ALL begins with a thought. To get ahead in life, sometimes one has to take daring and courageous steps. But it all begins with a thought, as you very rightly said. Thanks.

  5. Indeed Our attitudes in every phase/aspect of Life makes all the difference.
    Thanks for always inspiring n sharing positivity.

  6. One needs to initiate these 4 steps… giving a thought to an idea/concepts reveals understanding… thoughts turning into conclusions and then into actions need initiative… which may sometimes be daring or/and courageous!

  7. I read this book a few months back…and i have got to say it changed a lot of my perceptions…such books have re-shaped my view of life…When i was in 8th grade i read this book by Dale Carnegie "How to win friends and influence people"..I wanted to know the reason for my social circle not being much…it really helped me…Good books bring positivity in you..:)

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