One Minute Kindness – 2

Some time back, I wrote ‘One Minute Kindness’ on this blog. Simple, yet powerful. Here comes Part II! I was reading Rajesh Setty’s blog Life Beyond Code in which he quotes every day anecdotes about Thoughtfulness… He talks about an email that he received from a friend in Sweden, who was a long time employee […]

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The Company You Keep

I met a fine gentleman, Dr Omar, in Lahore the other day. Since he spoke Urdu in an accent not usually associated with people of Punjab, I had to ask him how did he learn to speak such a refined version of Urdu. His reply was simple but thought-provoking.¬†Although, it is something that we have […]

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Don’t Forgive – At Your OWN Peril!

I wrote an earlier postcalled “Forgive or Not To Forgive? RETHINK!” which resulted in mixedreactions. Some thought it is almost impossible to forgive, especially if theperson has hurt you deeply. And others thought it is possible to forgive but can’t forget. Agreed! But… If you don’t forgive, whathappens? You keep thinking: ‘I wish she hadn’t […]

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