Home-Made Cure for EXCUSITIS

Sometime back I posted A Disease Called ‘EXCUSITIS’ on this blog and had promised that I will post a ‘cure’ to this disease ‘soon’. Well it seems its still ‘sooner’ than later.

Have you heard of EXCUSITIS?
I am sure you have…Yes, it is derived from the word ‘excuse’. For an elaborate definition, you can click here.

Now you know about the disease and who is suffering from it. In fact, we all suffer from it once in a while. Some suffer from it every day and some off and on. Especially when there is something that we are supposed to do but don’t feel like doing, or something we do that we shouldn’t (smoking?). 
We keep delaying things giving lame excuses (btw, excuses are always lame – bina sar pair key – without head or tail).

Imagine the excuses we all make up when we DON’T want to do something, or justifications when we do.

Think about some of the excuses our creative geniuses have come up with, even we are amazed at our innate ability to excusify or justify just about anything.

Without going too much into the why (I am sure we all know why!), let’s go a little deeper into this fatal disease and see what can we do about this. 

Some basic steps:
  • First of all, STOP thinking and take stock of the situation.
  • Check if you have made an excuse (lame or otherwise) in the last couple of weeks/days/hours/minutes (ouch, that hurts!)
  • Checkif the excuse is a repeated one or new. Care should be taken especiallyfor repeated excuses. These become habits and usually result in total loss oftaking responsibility for our own actions, forever. Examples of repeated excuses:I don’t have time, I am too shy, I was born dumb, only if I could do better, only iflife would treat me better, my boss/teacher/parents hate me, I had a rough day/week, I was born in a poor family..etc.
This got you thinking? That was the idea…Now think some more.. About the types of excuses or justifications that you used to come up with…At home, school, university, work, parents, siblings, co-workers, boss…

It looks like we have been successfully diagnosed with excusitis. Since the acceptance level has been achieved now and we know what the dis-ease is all about, the rest of the treatment shouldn’t be a problem.

Prescribed medication:
  • TRY and DO the most difficult thing that you have been delaying as if your life dependent on it. (I know I know, THIS is the hardest part). The only difference between now and then is we know now why this is happening. You will have to swallow this pill sooner or later, maybe because your life will depend on it, or the doctor strictly prescribed it, or your boss/spouse/beloved/kid made you do it. 
  • Try doing it in baby steps. So that the task becomes easier (you can’t quit smoking in baby steps though). I know you all are really smart, so don’t tell me you don’t know HOW to do it. You have gotten away with more seemingly impossible tasks, this shouldn’t be a problem. Focus is the name of the game. 
  • Visualize the fruits of success in your mind. Picture how you would look or beif you were not suffering from excusitis, that you have already lost 10 Kgs and look slim and smart, that you have quit smoking and now are feeling healthy, that you got the highest score in that assignment which you were afraid of, that you are taking that course/class thatyou ‘didn’t have time for’ (although you have time to watch TV/chat with friends, be on Facebook forever, sleep for hours and hours!). 
  • The idea is to see yourself in success mode, doing everything well. Visualize people complimenting you on such an outstanding achievement 
  • But…. Only YOU know it was nothing.. only ‘excusitis’. 
If you think positive thoughts, this will connect your present action withfuture outcomes. Positive thoughts will ensure an action towards theobjective. 

Having said all of the above, the fact still remains:
  • TAKING definitive, positiveaction IS the CURE for the disease. 
  • NO one but the patient (who is the patient here?) can ensure it!

You could give your ideas for curing excusitis or something that has worked for you. 
You could ALSO mention your best creative excuse that could top the rest!

Dare to dream!

Enjoy the good things… forget the bad ones.

Be Happy!

Have a significant life!

Nuruddin Abjani

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