Metrics That Matter for 2010 and beyond…

Most of us have a variety of ‘targets’ or ‘To-Do Lists’ for 2010 and a few will have a list in their minds which if they are able to achieve they will be satisfied.
Where is YOUR list? What are YOUR goals and aspirations?
Most of these lists will be based on ‘measurable’ achievements. And here I am not saying we should not have them. Its part and parcel of our lives, growth and development.

While reading one of my favorite blogs Life Beyond Code by Rajesh Setty, I came across this beautiful self-assessment checklist which Rajesh has created telling us about the things that should actually matter to us, always!

I will quote Rajesh here:
“Sometimes we forget that many things we should focus on cannot be measured with any scale (caring, love, joy, happiness, compassion etc.) 
Sometimes we forget that we are in a rat race where everyone including the winner loses. 
We want to improve on the metrics for the sake of improving on the metrics.
Sometimes we forget to measure the amount of time we spend being obsessed with measuring the metrics.
Measuring the wrong things is like running fast in the wrong direction.
End of the year is a great time to stop, reflect and think about what are the metrics that really matter most to you….” for more on this read his blog.

This checklist got me thinking and I decided to share with you as well. Please remember that this pdf can be freely shared with any and everyone, hence, I urge you to share with your family, friends and anyone you care for:
Metrics That Matter for 2010 | Life Beyond Code Posted using ShareThis.

Hope this helps you improve your ‘performance’ in 2010 and the years to come.

Have an outstanding life!

Don’t forget to dream big dreams!

Aim high!

Have a beautiful life!

Nuruddin Abjani

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