‘One-Minute’ Kindness?

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This morning, after having dropped my two sweethearts to school, I DID something and it made MY day…

At an intersection near Park Towers, I gave way to someone on a motorbike while I waited for 4.5 seconds…Technically, I had the right to go but I let him pass. Since this was an act which the gentleman on the bike was not expecting at all (How could a car let him pass!), he waved at me and went off smiling… His smile made ME smile and I feel so happy about it…So happy that I felt like sharing this with you.

I was wondering if it was at all possible to be kind to people in these tough times?
Where people hardly meet deadlines…Making ends meet is another story!
Do we have time enough to bring a smile to people’s faces, even for a second?
We don’t talk to our friends, dear and near ones on the pretext of being ‘tied up’…
Most of our conversations are on cell phones or emails… or twitter…
Are we happy? That’s a long discussion – check out The Bird Called Happiness (Happiness kis Chidiya ka naam hai)

All of the above is 100% true, yes?

And with all the above being true, how could you become a good human being, to be kind to someone, even for half a minute or less?

I am sure, you perform acts like these 10 times a day… But most people, including me, don’t.

Btw, I am not discussing giving charity, or social service or long commitments…No, my friend, I am talking about those small gestures that could make someone’s day and doesn’t cost you even a minute (of your precious time!).

An important thing to remember here is what I said in the beginning, ‘It MADE MY DAY’!
If you are kind to someone, YOU WILL FEEL HAPPY! Making someone happy has an in-built return which you receive right at the moment.

Giving away less than a minute for your own inner happiness? Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all!

I am trying to collect people’s thoughts on this. I would like to know in your opinion which small gestures could make a difference. 

I am sure the list will be very long.  
In the comments section below, please share your every day experience on kindness and how you think we could all make a difference…

Have an excitingly outstanding life!

Aim for the moon!

Dare to dream!

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • Wajid Naeem

    My friend got her BP very Low due to some unknown reason, her doctor advised her to rest and use Juices frequently after every half an hour. When I came to know about this, I started bring a Juice pack for her daily while coming to office. When she came in the morning and got to know it, The smile on her face really “MADE MY DAYS”. Doing it regulary for 3 to 4 days helped her to be normal and now she is my BEST FRIEND.

    Yes I Believe in an Act of Kindness, do it when ever you get a chance, dont miss it, It will give peace to your Soul as well.Stay Blessed and Keep Smiling AlwaysWajid Naeemwajidnaeem .com

    • Wajid, that must have made her happy & she would have surely prayed for you. Yes, these small acts of kindess can only change the world, for the better.
      Keep it up.
      Stay blessed.

  • Sabadossani

    Passing smile is itself a great act of kindness.

    • Yes, Saba. It certainly is… and the cheapest!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      God bless you.


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  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks Sahib for your comments.

    I read your article about the Smile Therapy…Brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing…

    Have an outstanding life!


  • sahibkarimkhan

    Dear Nuruddin,

    You are absolutely right & I second your point of view. I also practice these small acts that gives me happiness & I call them "Small Acts of Kindness"

    We can do alot more in this regard & one of those things is as simple as a SMILE 🙂

    During our day we work with people, travel, spent time with family & friends, meet relatives etc. If we could just follow ONE SIMPLE RULE believe me we would become reason for many people's happiness. Try SMILE THERAPY (http://wp.me/pKINf-q) & see how it spreads smiles on people's faces 🙂

    Thankyou for sharing your experience with us.