Thank Him Every Day: Key To A Happy Life

 If we start thinking about how many things we have that a lot of people around us can’t even dream of having.

Lets begin with…This post.

If we are able to read this, it means:

1. We are alive!
2. We can see.
3. We can read.
4. Have access to a computer, electricity and all the paraphernalia associated with it.
5. We are computer literate.
6. Have enough time to spend on stuff that we like.
7. Have enough money (your own or parent’s, or near or dear one’s!) to afford a computer (even if you are sharing one with your sis/bro/child/parent/others!)
8. Most of us will have two hands through which you click the keys and browse allover the net..
9. Have the intellect to go through stuff that matters.
10. Have so many friends (both on FB and otherwise: One friend can be enough if he/she is a real friend, so don’t always count the numbers!)
11. We eat 3 times (sometimes more!) a day.
12. Have a roof over our head.
13. A clean (or dirty!) bed to sleep in.
14. A job, school, profession that we love (I know I know… But if you don’t LOVE what you do… then start looking for something that you’d rather love doing of sulking all day and cursing your Boss/Sahab/Superior. “If you love what you do, you will never have to work again!”)

I am sure you can add more things to be grateful about.

Got the point?

There is something that I do every morning: Be grateful. And: I am the happiest person on this Earth!

I think being grateful and saying Thank You – God (or whoever you believe in) at least once a day, if not more is the key to a great life. (I am not going to get into a religious argument here. I have very close friends who are atheists and they are better human beings than a lot of people who believe in God and pray daily!).

To me (and to most of the people that I admire and look up to) being grateful is the single most important act in order to live a happy hour(!)/day/week/month/year/life.

If you are not grateful for what you have, it’s hard to imagine being happy. You will always be looking at people who have better clothes, car, house, job, cell, watch…and the list goes on…

You can be grateful AND  ambitious at the same time. Don’t think being grateful will cow you down. On the contrary, it will give you the strength to go to any length to pursue your goal, your passion – HAPPILY.

And in the end, don’t forget:

“Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy — because we will always want to have something else or something more.” David Steindl-Rast

Have a grateful, happy, contented life!

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • Skhymani

    Just want to say “Great Nuruddin’

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  • Asma

    May Allah reward you for sharing this. Gratefulness is the only way to a peaceful heart.

    God bless you too!

  • Rozina lalani

    What a thought!!!I thank you three very simple but yet very powerful and important words.Gratefulness is a basic support which keeps life from sagging.It is a prerequisite of happiness.No soul's joy is deeper than his thankfulness.It is an excellent way to return a gift to the giver." I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks and ever tnanks." William Shakespeare.Just be thankful!!!!!

  • Roina Lalani

    Good thoughts!!! I thank you" are three very important words, gratefulness is a basic support which keeps life from sagging. It is a prerequisite of happiness, for no soul's joy can be deeper than his thankfulness,It is an excellent way to return a gift,this is a payment to the giver." I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks and ever thanks." William shakespeare.Just say thank you and be thankful!!!!!

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Yes, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Have an extraordinary life…

  • tzongyih

    Be grateful and appreciate what we have.
    Be passion and work hard for what we want.
    Both of them are so important.
    Thank you.

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks Malik and Abid for sharing your thoughts, links and video.

    I am sure everyone would be enlightened by it…

    Keep inspiring!


  • abidsblog

    somebody tried to answer "how to be thankful" 🙂
    check out here

    just sharing.

  • Malik Mirza

    very true – nice thoughts, keep it up

    Let's think of what we have and thank – these are the very ideas shared by Rhonda Byrne in her book: The Secret. Visit this link to read more