How To Maintain YOUR 45 Million Dollar Machine?

If you have a car, it has to be properly maintained lest it develops problems. It is called Preventive Maintenance. Wikipedia has a detailed definition on  Preventive Maintenance.
Most of us take care of our cars/bikes more than we would anything else in the world. (Sorry, I don’t do that… rather can’t!) This is usually out of our love for the machine or to ensure a longer life and trouble free service from it.
If you have just begun your practical life, let me assure you that you will get a lot of bikes and cars of all models and colors during your life time, Inshallah.
However, the body that we have with us now can not be replaced or bought again. Something that money can’t buy! Although, the advancement in medical science has proven that SOME parts of the body could be successfully replaced, yet, they still leave a lot to be desired!

But, nothing compared to the real thing, don’t you think so?

While researching for this post, I came across these interesting statistics claiming the human body to be worth more than 45 Million US Dollars! 

The point is not how much our body could be worth to others, but is it of any value to us? And if yes, then do we EVER take care of it the way we would a valuable possession like a car, watch, bike, house…et al.

No one can doubt the fact that ALL of us have been given ONE instrument/tool/equipment to live/work with till the end of our lives: Our Body.
It is up to us to MAINTAIN it and enhance its life in a way that it gives us the ultimate happiness. You could have all the money in the world but how would you like to spend it on a hospital bed. Or you could be the richest person…In the graveyard (I love Robin Sharma!).
I’d like to introduce you to a concept I call ‘An Hour to Yourself’.
I believe that if only we could give 4% of our time in a day (i.e. only an hour!) to ourselves i.e., our body, mind and spirit….We could be entirely different human beings.

I know… I know… the first thing you’d say is: I DONT HAVE AN HOUR TO SPARE… Duh!

If this is your first reaction then ask yourself:
How much time do I spend watching TV?
Sleeping? (Some people’s favorite pastime)
Or simply wasting on stuff which does not even give me any pleasure? (Any guesses?… I have a few but don’t want to piss people off!)

Cutting down 15-20 minutes ONLY from some of these highly constructive activities will leave you with an hour. And you wont even know it! 😉

So, if you have come terms with taking out an hour for yourself… then here is what we do with the hour:

20 Minutes: Meditate, Pray, Think. Any form of activity which makes you one with God or Nature.

20 Minutes: Physical Activity, Exercise, Yoga, Sports or anything else that you are used to.

20 Minutes: Read something (besides fiction…but that’s a long story!), read to elevate yourself, great literature, books, blogs, articles etc…The web is a huge resource.

If we are able to do this everyday, preferably in the morning…Then trust me, this will be best thing you will ever do to enhance your life with success, good health, happiness and vitality.

Have an extraordinary life!

Aim for the moon..But be happy….NOW!

Nuruddin Abjani

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