HOW You Say It Matters…A Lot!

A very dear family friend of ours, Mr Anwer Ajani says one thing when it comes to using your words. How words could kill and how careful you have to be when you say something to someone.

He uses this brilliant example:

There are two ways you could ask this question to a person who can not see:

1. ‘When did you become blind?” (“Aap andhey kab sey huey?”)
2. “When did you develop this problem in your eyes?” (“Aap ki aankhon mei takleef kab se hai?”)

Although you are saying practically the same thing but question no. 2 has a hint of softness, a tinge of empathy and would not be so harsh on the person on the receiving end.

Although, most of us would USUALLY ask the first question without even thinking about it and the other person must be used to being asked this question by now… 

Yet, you could say a simple thing differently and make someone’s day…(Or, try NOT to be the one to ruin the day for them!)

To me, it was a simple yet powerful message. Hope you could use it in your every day life and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Thanks Anwer Bhai.

Have a fantastic life!

Dare to dream!

Aim for the moon!

Nuruddin Abjani

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