Mind Blowing Questions to Ask Yourself…

While listening to Wayne Dyer speak on how a No-Limit person would think, I was blown away by a few simple questions that he asked towards the end of his talk.

The questions were too important not to share with you:

Q1. If you knew you had only 6 months to live, how would you live your life? Would you do everything the way that you have been doing?

Q2. If you didn’t have to earn and money was not important how would you want to live your days/life? Doing what?

There were more questions that Wayne asked, but I will leave you with these two for now.

Only if you THINK about them and write the answers down for yourself, you will truly know how you are living your life… And how SHOULD you live it!

Don’t worry, your mind will go blank for the first few seconds…then it will come… let it come… let the thoughts flow… then write them down.

You will know where you are going.. Your inner ‘navigator’ will guide you…

Live the life of your dreams…

Follow your passion…

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • NotSoFree

    I would ty to make everyone around me happy and i would try to make the dreams i have come true. For the second question, i would live everyday, like what i wanted to do. When i want to play, i will play, when i want to travel, i will, and just do whatever i want. These questions are not so mind blowing for me, maybe because i really planned to live everyday like this ūüôā

  • Great query,thanks for sharing.

  • Lena

    I’ve heard these questions a lot lately and I answered them for myself, I know “my dream life” I just don’t know how to get there because we live in the world where we do need to earn money to do the things we want that don’t pay (maybe yet … but still). How does one deal with that? With so limited possibilities to truly live your dream?

  • Sobbers_93

    @nuruddinabjani:disqus¬† u turned out to be a real mentor for me… thank you for sharing these all wonderful stuff… :)Rakesh¬†

  • Aameen & thanks for your comment, Asma.

    I am sure your students will pray for both of us and the one who actually wrote these questions and the person who forwarded them to me.

    No one is bad, I believe that. If you try and understand the person a little deeper then only you realize that they have similar or worse problems than we have and sometimes they do things out of desperation or just to create a shield of sorts around themselves. To ensure no one can see what a soft interior they have. They might have been hurt more times than we have.

    Stay blessed, keep your eyes on your dreams and keep inspiring.


  • ¬†I am happy that people reflect on their lives by reading whatever is written here.¬†

    Thanks for the comments and the support, Sweet Faith. 

    Will look forward to reading your post on the subject. 

    God bless us all, 


  • Giggleseverywhere

    Have pondered and done some¬†self reflection.. i’ll just write them away in my¬†blog :))Thanks!¬†Please give us more¬†chances¬†of self reflection.

    Best Regards Sir,
    Sweet Faith 

  • These questions are important but very difficult for me. For first question, I would like to live my life in my own way and whatever i want to do, i would like to do that. And for me these questions are really mind blowing. I will think about second question.

    • Thanks for your comments, Kumar.

      Yes, difficult but very important. If we could all think about this once in a while, our lives will be different.

      God bless you.


    • Good. The answers will come, as one ponders more over them.

      Good luck and God bless.


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  • Alam Unjum

    For the first question, i must say that i practice it not for 6 months but i assume that every day is my last day and that have bring a lot of change in my life… a high degree of humility and the empathy…

    For second question i must say, “I am more happy when i am penny less”

    Alam Anjum

    • Anonymous

      Brilliant, Alam.

      I hope and pray that more people are like you.

      God bless.


  • Nuruddin Abjani

    What a brilliant idea, Bader. Screen saver!
    Besides the epitaph, a similar exercise could be writing your own eulogy..Imagine if you are dead and people come and say something about you.. What would those words be…?
    "He was a rich man….and died of ulcers (heart attack!) surrounded by his accountants and lawyers…." Makes sense?
    I must thank Robin Sharma, coz this has been one of his oldest words/podcasts..Write your own eulogy, as you'd want others to remember you…
    Great input, Bader. Thanks!
    God bless us all and above all, Pakistan!

  • Bader Munir

    Nuru…very though provoking indeed. This question should be the screen saver on our computers; the first thing we see as we "switch-on" to the worldly affairs.

    Another one question that has always hunted me is "a stranger passes by your grave and reads your epitaph, what is written on it???"

  • Bader Munir

    Nuru…very though provoking indeed. This question should be the screen saver on our computers; the first thing we see as we "switch-on" to the worldly affairs.

    Another one question that has always hunted me is "a stranger passes by your grave and reads your epitaph, what is written on it???"

  • Nuruddin Abjani


  • zohra punjwani


  • kamni

    Love it ūüôā good food for thought.

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    First of all let me thank Sahib, Omar and Jawad for your comments and interest in my blog. It means a lot to me.

    Dear Jawad, my apologies for a delayed response.

    These are the questions that I ask myself on and off and usually adjust my pace and direction accordingly.
    If given a choice, I would live my life the same way that I have up till now…No regrets.

    Similarly, I cant think of doing anything differently if I were to die even today, let alone six months.
    What I am doing right now, is what I'd rather be doing…

    I know this sounds too imaginary or out-of-this-world, but I think if we will ourselves to do what we WANT to do, we can.

    Hope this helps?

    Thanks once again for the kind words.

    Dare to dream.


  • Jawad Habib

    Nice one Nur.

    Now that you mention it, I mean if its not personal and if you did the exercise, would you share how you felt and what were your own personal findings!!

    I think sharing such experiences is also a great motivation for us all, especially those who feel they are more practical than to be reading wisdom all the time.

    Have a wonderful time.


  • Omar Rashdi

    I will motivate people… n will do what I am doing now…

  • sahibkarimkhan

    Good one (Y)