Power of Prayers

An interesting story with a different perspective…

A blind beggar was asking for alms from people on a train.

A gentleman sitting by the window gave money to the person next to him to give to the beggar.

“God bless you, my child.” says the beggar.

The guy who gave the money to the beggar started laughing and said, “Look who pays and who gets the credit!”

The beggar on hearing this said, “I could be blind but my prayers are not, sir.”

The gentleman who had actually given the money just smiled…

Have an extraordinary life!

Dare to dream!

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • a very common sentence that we hear “duaon mey yaad rakhna” does it really happen. we can do a collective prayer but can we remember everyone individually? second can we ask for prayers by giving money or things to someone?

    • I dont know if people really remember anybody in prayers. 
      But, if I knew that someone needs my prayers, I would pray for even 10 seconds for him/her. A little prayer can go a long way.
      It doesn’t have to become a religious chore. Silent prayer. I think everything helps in its own way. 
      Even wishing someone a ‘nice day’ from your heart should. i believe that. I could be wrong though.  
      Talking about giving money to ‘buy’ prayers, that IS debatable. Given the authenticity of people on the streets. 
      But, think about paying someone’s tuition fee. Who you know cannot afford it and needs it badly. Do you think the student will pray for you? And if he does, would it help?

      I remember:
      Dil se nikalti hai jo baat, asar rakhti hai…
      Par nahi taqat-e-parwaz magar rakhti hai…

      Thanks for your comments and contributions to the blog. 

      God bless you. (This is also a prayer!)


  • Tayyaba Rahman

    I really like your posts, they are simple and yet so deep.

    • Thanks Tayyaba.

      Keep inspiring. Keep motivating!

      Stay blessed…

      God bless you, always…In all ways. (Your line!)


  • Short, Simple & Sweet 🙂

  • Ammar Khalid


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