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13 April 2010 14 Comments

‘My Lessons in Life’ by Azim Premji

An extraordinary speech by the Chairman of Wipro.
Summarizing life & success in 8 simple points…
A must read by each and everyone of us…

10 April 2010 4 Comments

Do You Have A Bucket List?

I remember watching a movie sometime back called “The Bucket List”, starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. Besides being an awesome movie it taught me one thing: To Have A Bucket List!  Most of you may be aware what a Bucket List is, however, some of us may not be as enlightened. A bucket list […]

7 April 2010 0 Comments

Strategic Listening By Tom Peters

Tom Peters IS the Guru….!Looks like the clip can’t be played… Please click here to watch it… Sorry for the trouble caused. Have a remarkable life… Nuruddin

5 April 2010 5 Comments

Rationalization: The Art of Finding The Perfect Excuse

Do you know anyone who rationalizes things?
Are YOU one of them? I know its a direct question.
But, we all do it either once in a while, or ALL the time…
See if this post makes sense.
You can rationalize and NOT read it.

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