Farmville or NO WILL: Are We Hooked?

Most of us don’t realize how much time we spend on social networking sites
like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. These have a somewhat different effect
on us. If we add Farmville and Mafia Wars, Fishfarm etc., we’d know that a
major part of our waking life is spent online doing stuff that we could
actually do without.
A few facts before we begin:

  1. Facebook
    is worth over US $11
  2. Farmville
    and Mafia Wars game maker Zynga Games Network Inc is worth US$ 3.3
  3. Disney
    acquires Club Penguin for $ 700 million.
  4. Electronic
    Arts buys PlayFish for US$ 400 million.

Most of us are familiar with online games like Farmville, Playfish, Mafia
Wars. Some of us are even hooked to some of them in spite of ourselves,
although we don’t acknowledge it!

I have mentioned some facts above which would have definitely given you the
I was watching an
amazing video on
by Professor Jesse Schell called ‘Beyond
Facebook’. It opened my eyes and I am sure you will be blown as well. Some of
you may have watched this video as it’s pretty popular nowadays.

The bottom line is how do we spend our time on the internet? Or how MUCH
time we spend on the internet or social networking sites. Or how much time do
we waste! But that’s another story…and a pretty long one! Some other time?

Can we get out of our addiction of Farmville and Mafia Wars on our own or
let it pull us into its virtual world which is very enticing and takes us away
on a fairytale ride totally different than real life. We can forget our
everyday troubles for a while (read: hours) and ‘enjoy’ ourselves till we doze

Now let’s talk about social networking sites sans the gaming part.
Yes, we should have a large network of friends, colleagues or people who you
want to keep in touch. It’s all about networking and increasing your brand
image. The brand called YOU!
Yes, you should tell people what you have been up to, to an extent. But you
never know who your ‘friends’ are. Because on FB you usually ‘add’ or ‘confirm’
people you have just met and may not want to share details of your whereabouts
with all the time.

Too much of anything is BAD. And it couldn’t be emphasized more. I have seen
people being addicted to the extent of updating their status before or after
doing things that I’d rather NOT talk about. You get my point? Read this post by Tim Sanders who has a different perspective on real time updates. But I
think this is a personal issue and I’d not like to comment on it too much.

Another important issue for all of us is TIME. All of us say we don’t have
time for this and time for that, yet most of us spend a sizable portion of our
personal (and sometimes professional) time on a lot of things that we’d rather
not. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. should be given some time but they should NOT
be treated as if your life depended on them.

What happened to our dreams? Aspirations? Goals? That course we always
wanted to take? That instrument that we wanted to learn? Learn salsa? All gone
down the drain? Just because we decide to ‘spend’ our time on…

Sorry, if I have been a little harsh on some, but this is what I think and I
could be totally WRONG!

Some of you might be wondering about me. Yes, it SEEMS that I am online all
the time. But nothing could be farther from the truth. I hardly give 30-45
minutes a day to FB, Twitter and my blog combined, but it LOOKS as though I am
always online! How do I do it? Will write about it some other time..

Hope this mixture of facts and advice helped.

Dream big dreams,

Shoot for the moon!

Have an extraordinary life!

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • With Allah’s blessing, I’ve never used these games… however, addicted to the social networking here..
    Thank you for the eye-opener once again.. keep going! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How true, "All of us say we don't have time for this and time for that, yet most of us spend a sizable portion of our personal time on a lot of things that we'd rather not"

    I agree, I WAS an addict myself though I have not got rid of my addiction but yes it has gone 10 notches down

  • Amjath

    Very Nice……