Awesomeness: Its All Around You!


I was thinking the other day, how miserly have we all become.

It could be termed alright if you dont share your physical or material things with others… Coz anything out of your possession IS a loss to you. (Apparently!)
But then why are we so stingy with something that comes to us for free?
Especially when it could make someone’s day… And it could make OUR day as well! Coz you CANT make someone smile without smiling a bit yourself! Hmmm… There could be a selfish reason to make someone smile…!
When was the last time you liked someone doing something?
Someone doing his job well?
A policeman who helped an old lady cross the road?
Or someone who let you go ahead when you were getting late?
How about your parents?
Your sibling?
Friends who’d die for you?
An acquaintance who you could have complimented on the nice dress that she was wearing? Or the new hairdo! (I know I shouldn’t be talking about hair!)
A teacher who changed your life?
Or a servant who did something beyond his responsibility or even capacity?
Or for that matter, ever appreciated someone who had posted good stuff on Facebook for you? Or sent you a really cute email? Do we even ‘like’ it?

I am sure if we just begin to look for the positivity around us – I know I know the usual chatter…life is mean to us, why others have such a great life, why don’t we have this or that, et al – we will find hundreds of people to praise and be grateful to.
But, alas, we fail to appreciate even our own. Let alone others.
Well, if you do, like my Ustani Shireen Naqvi of SoL, then hats off to you!
But if you don’t, like me…Then its time to wake up!
Get in the habit of giving compliments and genuine ‘thank you’s’ and you will notice your life has suddenly become wonderful.
Try it.
Your won’t regret it,

I promise!

Dream big dreams!
Shoot for the moon!
But be nice to people!

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • Rozina Lalani

    Wow!!!! i couldn't agree more, it's so true,see it speak it. An appreciative word may create a new resolve.Pass on the praise!!! For all are mortal enough to love it. its helpfulness, however is found in its being deserved, that sparates it from flattery. And everybody has something worthy of praise. Billy sunday once said" Try praising your wife, even if it does frightens her at frist…LOL

    Take care n keep posing good stuff!!!!