Why We Need Mentors

I was reading a blog post from Rajesh Setty – a great blogger/writer and a beautiful person – just now and he mentioned mentors and why they are important in our lives.
Let me tell you something about myself, I am what I am now mainly because I have been very lucky to have found great mentors in my life who have been instrumental in nudging me in the right direction. Grooming me, coaching me. Not only then, but even now, I cherish their comments and advice on where I should be going or where I am going wrong – which is ALL the time!

I don’t know if YOU have had the good fortune to have people in your life who have been able to coach and advice you on stuff that you were unsure or confused about. Or when you simply needed to have someone older or experienced (not necessarily in age!) to give you the right feedback.

If you haven’t, I urge you to look around and start asking someone you admire or look up to. Send an email, ask questions, seek answers. You would be surprised how many of the successful people would love to help the budding ones with their advice, suggestions and experience. Never be afraid to ask.

What you need to be careful about is giving them enough time to respond to you. People are busy, as ALL of us are, hence, to respond to your query they might need more time or have to be in the right frame of mind to mentor you.
One caveat: Ask for advice, not favors. You will get favors in the end, don’t worry!
And if you are someone who has had the good fortune of having enough mentors and teachers, please share them with people you think might need them.

And if you think you are one of those who could help people around…Just look around yourself and you will see lots and lots of them, waiting for your advise and support.

Case in point: ME!

My ‘mentor-in-chief’ – Azam Jamil – not only mentored me for years (he does it still now: Thank You, AJ. God bless you!) but also got me a job which I could NEVER have gotten given my credentials! But, the relationship didn’t begin with me seeking a job. In fact, we both taught each other in the beginning! He taught me marketing, and I taught him music. Way back in the late 80’s. But now, he doesn’t need me to play keyboards – having become a maestro himself – but I seek his advice, frequently.

Hope this post helped.

Dare to dream!

Be the best you can.

Nuruddin Abjani

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  1. Shear brilliance! Got me thinking! Over the past several years I have mentored many however at the same time forgot that I needed mentoring too. Thank you for kindling the pursuit of excellence. 

    1. Thanks, Talha.
      Yes, I have heard that you are pretty good with the youth and they are all praises for you.
      You will surely find mentors for yourself. You are surrounded by the best of the lot!
      Stay blessed.

  2. i recently have started reading ur articles, n they are like so simple and convincing that even a 5 yr old would agree to that. i’m falling in love with the way u think. keep posting and showing us a path to travel on with a vision. God bless 🙂

  3. Absolutely agreeing on the importance of mentor….and actually this taken me into times when you were there as mentor! thanks a ton 🙂

  4. Mr. Abjani gives me a lot more importance than I deserve. However, I have always mentioned his name with an immense amount of pride. Azam Jamil

    1. Sirjee, I have only written what I have always felt for you.

      Its deep & invaluable for me. And I know that I could never thank you enough.

      You have changed my life. I could never have dreamt of being where I am now, had it not been for you, sir.

      Besides what you taught me, I also learnt a lot from how you carried yourself. Not that I learnt it well enough!

      May God always bless you & everyone in the family.



  5. Just read “Mentoring” part in the Leadership Mastery by Dale Carnegie Training and then came across this. Enlightening!! Thank you for sharing the thoughts.

  6. Thanks for the kind comments, Michael.

    Will definitely read her blog. God bless her soul.

    I particularly liked your following quote on LinkedIn:

    "Those that rub you the wrong way – polish you the most."

    God bless you.

    Have an extraordinary life.


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