Can We CHOOSE Our Feelings?

I received this beautiful poem from a friend a few days back – thanks Rahim Bhai. 
If we could understand what it says, we could actually CHANGE our lives!
Makes so much sense if we try and understand…

The way you feel can tell you much about the world around you
And your relationship to it. Yet the way you feel is not who
You are.

Your emotions may seem to be so much a part of you that at

Times you cannot find anything else. Yet you are able at any
Time to change those emotions if you wish.

Always, at the heart of your being, you are in control. The

Emotions you experience are the emotions you create or

Just as you can allow your emotions to fill your awareness,

You can also allow them to drop cleanly and completely away.
When you’ve heard what your feelings have to say, you can
Choose to let go of them.

Or, if you’re enjoying the way you feel, you can choose to

Continue feeling that way. The point is, you can choose.

Always remember that like your thoughts and actions, your

Feelings are your choice. Choose the ones that will move
Your life in the direction you most want to go.

~Ralph Marston~

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  • Skhymani

    Very good

  • Skhymani

    Its not so easy to implement this to those who are living below the poverty level and their

    Precedence is to provide

    the food and school fee for their children at the movement.

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  • Nuruddin Abjani


    Have a remarkable life.


  • Existing somehow

    that is AWESOME!
    all i need to say is, that i needed a boost like this.. n i got it from your blog.. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂