What Is ‘Success’ To YOU?


We keep thinking about how successful we are based on how much money we have accumulated. A gentleman who I have recently begun to admire – Mr Hussain Dawood, Chairman of Dawood Group & Engro Chemicals – has a different perspective, altogether. And something which is close to my heart. Giving his keynote address at […]

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Feeling Down? Check this out

Someone shared this awesome site with me a little while ago. After ages I have come across something spectacular that would put a smile to everyone’s face, no matter how depressed: 1000 Awesome Things Check it out… It might make your day! Have an awesome life! Nuruddin Abjaniwww.powerofthought.org

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1 min reading: Killing Your Dreams by Paulo Coelho

Sometime back I wrote ‘Do people laugh at your dreams?’ However, I found something more interesting today while going through tweets of people that I follow on twitter. This morning Paulo Coelho – yes THE PAULO COELHO – tweeted: ‘1 min reading: Killing our dreams.’ After I read his less-than-a-minute post, it got me thinking. […]

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