Are We Living In The Most Peaceful Times NOW?

I’d like to open your eyes today to a fact that caught me by surprise and I am sure you will be as bamboozled by it as I was when I first read it.

First let me ask you this:
Do you think that the killing and mayhem in the world that we see today is going to get worst or we are at the worst-ever stage already?

So now, you know the answer to that according to your worldview.

Steven Pinker, a Harvard Professor, wrote an article “Why Is There Peace” last year, which was followed by a reference to this in Fareed Zakaria‘s brilliantly written book, “The Post American World – And The Rise of the Rest.”

Both of them have to say one thing for today ‘most turbulent and dangerous times’:

“Today we are probably living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence!”


Yes, I know this is a piece of BS you think I have picked up to grab your attention! Right?
Or I have gone bonkers?


It will help if you could read Dr Pinker‘s article to get a clear picture of the history of violence since the stone age. People would be publicly stoned to death or their tongue being cut for crimes like blocking the kings’ driveway with your oxcart, shoplifting, homosexuality, adultery etc.

In earlier times, notes Dr Pinker, the chances that a person will die in the company of another human being were as high 15%-60%! Or roughly 2 Billion deaths per year in todays day and age!

Now you are getting it?

Why does it feel so unsafe, dangerous, tumultuous?


A little bit more…

Yes, you are getting there…

Coming to my favorite topic now….


Minute by minute reporting of an event which if someone would have told you, you wouldn’t have thought twice about it, yet when something is shown on TV, we are all either awed or depressed by it and then curse the ‘system’, the government, policy makers, politicians, the rich, the ‘haves’ against the ‘have-nots’ or the terrorists.

So, chill out and turn off that TV and know deep in your heart that the probability of one of our own getting killed is still much less than it was 10,000 years ago!

Spend your time wisely.

Pick up a book (not fiction, for Gods sake!)
Spend time thinking about YOU, for a change.
Give some time to your hobbies (No: ‘FBing’ all day long is not a hobby! And neither is playing Farmville or Mafia Wars!) Try non-technical hobbies. Painting, singing, dancing, yoga, sports.
Do you have dreams? A passion? Something that you had always wanted to do and didn’t….because of…. !
Do you have a bucket list? A list of things that you would want to do before you leave this world?

I am sure you could add to the list above…

Follow your passion.

Dare to dream.

Nuruddin Abjani

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