What Is ‘Success’ To YOU?

We keep thinking about how successful we are based on how much money we have accumulated.

A gentleman who I have recently begun to admire – Mr Hussain Dawood, Chairman of Dawood Group & Engro Chemicals – has a different perspective, altogether. And something which is close to my heart.

Giving his keynote address at Entrepreneurship 2010, organized by Memon Professional Forum, he talked not about entrepreneurship but ‘success’. His pearls of wisdom affected everyone present, including those who were ‘successful’ in the usual sense of the word that we all are used to.

He began with a question that we should ALL ask ourselves, every now and then:
‘What is success to me?’

I have narrated below his three important elements of success, which if each one of us understands, our lives will be totally different:

1. If success is amassing all the wealth in the world then what good is that wealth if you don’t have anyone else to enjoy it with or share it with? He gave the example of the movie I Am Legend starring Will Smith. Imagine if you owned all of New York but you were all alone.
How exciting could THAT be?
Success comes from people who recognize you, who know that you are a good human being. But, without people around you to praise and talk to you, talk about you – you are a nobody. Without sharing your success, what would you be?
So, try to value people over money. Or you could end up, as Robin Sharma puts it, “The richest person in the grave!”

2. Suppose you live to be a 100 years. How would you feel?
Happy? Sad? Even if you were healthy your life would be difficult.
Your friends and family must have left you, having lived their lives.
Your children, grandchildren & great grandchildren will have their own lives. You won’t have too many people to talk to.
But, what you DO have is your legacy. That is what you work towards in your life – always.
Legacy is something which people remember you for. And it should be the guiding force in your everyday life – both professional & personal. Do YOU have a legacy? (Food for thought!)

3. Lastly, but perhaps the most important, is your reputation. If you loose this, it  may not be salvaged – ever. Your reputation is your most important asset. And you have to guard it against all the evil designs of the world – including your own!
It is easier to get carried away by the short term, however, if you have your eyes towards your legacy, things are in perspective and hence much easier to do (or not to do).

Integrity is something with which one has to live his life. It is always easy to make more money in ways which are not correct or legal, but there is always a choice which is difficult, but more satisfying. Not many people are willing to travel that path. However, the beauty of this path is that once you start walking on it, your life will never be the same.

I had to share this with you on Mr Dawood’s impeccable reputation, worldwide: He is the Chairman of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, which is the largest World Bank financed social fund – US$ 1 Billon.
Also, he has also spearheaded another ambitious undertaking – The Karachi School of Business and Leadership. The school aims to be, according to The Independent, ‘the first international business school in Pakistan, and to be world class at that, to educate men and women, to set high moral standards and to elevate the country’s intellectual level to address its difficulties.’

Hope this helped you in understanding success from Mr. Dawood who is successful in every sense of the word.

Mr. Dawood, you are an icon that everyone should follow. God bless you, sir.

God bless us all.

Dare to dream.

Nuruddin Abjani

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