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21 September 2010 14 Comments

Abhi Mood Nahi Hai – Lazy Or Stupid? (Procrastination!)

I know you think of Sajjad Ali’s song when someone says “Abhi mood nahi hai kal aana…”. But, I was referring to our ‘mood’ for doing something or rather not doing something. You would notice that we tend to delay or procrastinate things that are really important in our lives. For one reason or another. […]

17 September 2010 5 Comments

Direction or Positive Attitude: What Is More Important?

We keep thinking that if we have positive attitude towards life, everything will be alright. But, is that correct?
Even if we dont know where to go?
This post could help clarify…

7 September 2010 12 Comments

Don’t Forgive – At Your OWN Peril!

I wrote an earlier postcalled “Forgive or Not To Forgive? RETHINK!” which resulted in mixedreactions. Some thought it is almost impossible to forgive, especially if theperson has hurt you deeply. And others thought it is possible to forgive but can’t forget. Agreed! But… If you don’t forgive, whathappens? You keep thinking: ‘I wish she hadn’t […]

1 September 2010 15 Comments

The Forgotten Art of Good Conversation

Who, in your mind, is the best conversationalist?The person who people call the ‘Jaan’ (Life) of a group or party?Someone who impresses you with his/her ‘gift of gab’? Personality? Style?Cracks jokes that you have never heard before and can’t stop laughing hours afterwards?Knows all the latest news (read: gossip!)?Et al…You can add here more of […]

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