Abhi Mood Nahi Hai – Lazy Or Stupid? (Procrastination!)

I know you think of Sajjad Ali’s song when someone says “Abhi mood nahi hai kal aana…”.

But, I was referring to our ‘mood’ for doing something or rather not doing something.

You would notice that we tend to delay or procrastinate things that are really important in our lives. For one reason or another. Not thinking that delaying an important thing could have repercussions in life that we’d rather not have or can’t even afford. Examples:

1. Exams in 2 months, but not in the mood to study today or even this week.
2. Interview tomorrow, but don’t want to check or browse or call a few people who could give you a run-down on the organization. The more you know about it, the higher are your chances of success.
3. Resolved that you will do that daily walk (exercise/take kids out/study)  from tomorrow, but don’t leave office (business) in time.
4. You were given a project today, to be completed in a month. But you don’t even get started by the third week!
5. Have been thinking of calling that old friend for a long time. We watch TV, but don’t pick up the phone & call. My friend Badar Munir says it nicely, ‘We are all praises for our friends when they are gone, but don’t spend less than one rupee to call them when they are alive.’ Think of the Air Blue disaster, floods, earthquakes. Don’t we regret not keeping in touch with them? But, alas…
6. Promised your brother/daughter/son/Mother/Father/Wife for something, but you go out with friends…Or just don’t.
7. Have to wake up early in the morning for work/school/Uni…But can’t leave FB or MafiaWars/FishFarm/Farmville….! I know, it rings a bell!

I am sure you can add hundreds of statements here.

The point is, do we realize what is the importance of doing something ‘Important’? Something that could make a significant difference to our future life. But we are more prone to listen to OUR MOODS than what we SHOULD be doing for our own good.

Whose mood is it anyway?

Are we SO dependent on something that belong to us? Our MOODS?


YOU are the master of your own ship… (I know, this sounds like a ‘bhashan’ (lecture! lol) But, we really are…Only if we THINK like it… No one can stop you from doing what you want to do. Not even your parents…Near and dear ones.

High achievers have a task list, to-do-list etc. They have goals. Aspirations. Dreams.

They write down everything that NEEDS to be done or even comes to mind. A good idea. A little something do to for someone, or even to praise someone.  Do you have one? And if you do, when was the last time you even looked at it? (I know you did, I am not talking about you here!)

Why do you think high achievers never talk about moods, feelings, abhi dil nahi chah raha hai, etc. They Just DO IT!

And then we say to ourselves:

1. I was born unlucky.
2. I never finish anything in time.
3. My parents, kids, siblings are never happy with me.
4. I couldn’t get that job. They always give it to people they know. I wish I had a rich dad (or Father-in-Law!)
5. The schools grading system is bad. I never get the marks that I deserve. (See?)
6. My boss is always angry at me for not finishing projects in time. But I TRY MY BEST! (Yeah right!)

My take on this:
1. Even if you don’t FEEL like doing something. Try and do a LITTLE. Say to yourself, ‘I will only do it till this level and then get on with what I like doing.’ This will help you at least get started with something.
2. Usually the most difficult part of a ‘Don’t Feel Like It’ task is the beginning. Hence, if you could force yourself to start it, you have almost won the war. Remember that you are capable of doing the task that is given to you.
3. Divide it in small parts. ‘I will only do half a chapter now’. ‘I will only write what I need for the project’. When you begin something, then you find out its not that difficult to keep doing it. In fact, sometimes you feel why didn’t you begin this earlier! Isn’t this true? I am sure we have all experienced it at some point.
4. Tell someone that you are going to do it. So, you have your ego/izzat attached to it and you will HAVE to do it, otherwise: What will people say!

I am sure you can add to these. If not then just Google it. A lot of management gurus have written about procrastination and even if you find one good way YOU can avoid it, your life could be a ‘bed of roses’!

Remember: “What you resist will persist; what you befriend, you will transcend.” Robin Sharma

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Dare to dream.

Follow you passion.

Just Do It!

Nuruddin Abjani
Image courtesy: I Manage Products

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  1. ur articles always are crazy * i entered ur blog with a feeling and when endup with it ohhh ! it give some provoking thoughts to think about , to ponder on*

    really feel lucky that I have mentor like u 🙂

  2. same matter with me , I am almost always late submiter of assingment in my class.
    I will use these tips from tody
    I am sure it will help me

  3. I just saw it on someones wall, wanted to read but the same thing> Abhi mood nahi ha. But as soon as I started reading it, mood khud hee ban gaya 🙂
    Thanks for such great stuff.

    -Salman Parekh

  4. Boss really really good! off course someone asked me in the morning how can you start doing something in which you don't believe. i said how would you know that you believe before doing or not doing anything. you just start and when its working then talk about believe

    Thank for sharing the Thoughts
    Keep inspiring

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