Direction or Positive Attitude: What Is More Important?

This is the story of a highly intelligent & hard-working gentleman.

He had a very positive attitude towards life and used to do his job well and with a smile on his face, always. 

We all know, thats a difficult thing to do. But he ensured that he kept a very very positive attitude in everything he did. 

One evening, he was invited to a friend’s for dinner. He started his car and gets on with his drive to the friends place. He was looking forward to it, as he really liked his friend and was supposed to meet new people in the right places as well. 
There was only one petty issue: Since this was the first visit to his friends house, he didn’t know the address.
This was, of course, a minor thing. Since he had a positive attitude and he could still have a smile on his face and get on with this ‘task’ better than others and excel. Nothing else mattered. 

So, he drives on… But the friends place in nowhere in sight. He calls his wife up and asks what to do… She says: Be Positive! Put a smile to your face! 

Righto! He says… (Most men listen to their wives! Did I say MOST?) 

So he smiles… (At least tries to!)

He calls his boss, who says, you need to work hard, be creative, be friendly… 
He floors the gas. The car is moving fast…very fast. 

Yet, the destination is nowhere in sight.

Imagine how he must be feeling! Like the face in the picture above…

Has this happened to you? 


How could you start off for somewhere and not have the address in hand… Or at least the general direction? You could always call your friend up when you get near and take the address and reach the place in time. 

Thats FOOLISH! Right? How could he be an intelligent man if he doesn’t know the basics! 


You might know the address to your friends place, or wherever you have to go, but, do you know where you are going in life? 

In your career? 
In your studies? 
In your business? 
Your spiritual life?
Your family life?
Giving back?
In everything you do or want to do?

Where do you want to reach? 

Have you ever marked yourself on the things that are or should be important to you, to make you whole?
And if you have, did you get a 10 on 10 (or at least 7-8 on 10!) on all the various ‘segments’ of your life? 

I’d rather not ask! Isn’t that too personal?

I heard a similar example like the above on a CD of Mr Azim Jamal – The Corporate Sufi. He reiterated an important ingredient of our life, and we all know how seriously we take it. 

Thinking about where we are going and we have to go should a part of our regular routine, our calendar, every evening. Before you go to sleep. Doesn’t take more than 3 minutes to know if you have inched towards your goals/dreams today or away from it.

I would call it: Your internal GPS – Global Positioning System. It could only work IF it knows the destination. 

I know I have been the one who has been harping on positive attitude in all circumstances, but having a positive attitude without a vision/dream/goal/direction is useless. 
Once you know the direction, then you can put a smile on your face, work hard, be nice to people… But before the end in mind, nothing matters. 

I wrote an earlier post Why What Happens To Us Happens To Us. Check it out, it might help. 

I would like to know your thoughts on this. 

Keep smiling…

Keep dreaming…

Follow your passion…

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks for the kind comments, Saqib.
    Please share this with those in need.
    God bless you, always.

  • Saqib Arain

    its nice to see someone relate to basic issues. Alot of people think reasons to problems lie in what they do. They fail to notice it's how they do and why they do that's important 🙂 thanks for the post, it was short and interesting 😀

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks Wasif and Sahib.

    @Sahib: The 'Wheel of Life" is an amazing concept shared by my great Ustani Shirin Naqvi the other day in a session and I was thinking of sharing it with everyone in one of my future blog posts… But, thanks for sharing.

    Also, thanks both of you for sharing my posts and tweets to all your friends/followers always – especially Wasif.

    God bless us all.

    Keep dreaming, keep inspiring.

    Have a remarkable life.


  • sahibkarimkhan

    Nuruddin bhai as always Zabar10st (Y)

    You know this is the reason I love your blogs, to the point & make sense 🙂

    I agree with you on this. Direction is definitely important & as the saying goes "What gets measured, gets accomplished" I generally use the tool called "Wheel of Life" for self evaluation & it helps.

    Thanks for sharing these wisdom bits with all of us. God bless & Godspeed 🙂


  • Muhammad Wasif Javed

    Have read both of post and agreed with you especially quote of Robert Kiyosaki has said everything in single phrase 🙂