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25 October 2010 7 Comments

Five Regrets of The Dying by Bronnie Ware

Yesterday, I gave a talk on ‘Is Life A Race?’ at IoBM (CBM) and most of the people liked. Yet, some felt it was more on the ‘idealistic’ side. In ‘real life’ one can’t get out of the ‘rat race’. Well, if we don’t want to die thinking what we could have done better, we […]

10 October 2010 8 Comments

The Company You Keep

I met a fine gentleman, Dr Omar, in Lahore the other day. Since he spoke Urdu in an accent not usually associated with people of Punjab, I had to ask him how did he learn to speak such a refined version of Urdu. His reply was simple but thought-provoking.¬†Although, it is something that we have […]

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