The Company You Keep

I met a fine gentleman, Dr Omar, in Lahore the other day.

Since he spoke Urdu in an accent not usually associated with people of Punjab, I had to ask him how did he learn to speak such a refined version of Urdu.
His reply was simple but thought-provoking. Although, it is something that we have been listening to since our childhoods, yet we don’t usually pay heed to it.
He said, I sit in the company of people who are well read and well spoken. And I learn from them, every day. Thats the mark of a wise man.
Now, imagine you spend an evening with people of different backgrounds. The words coming out of your mouth the next day will tell a story. It happens unconsciously and you may not notice it.
A set of friends where ‘language’ is not a barrier, you will notice that you start speaking like them, as if you have been swearing all your life!
On the other, if you have been with people who speak very well or discuss good things, it effects the way you say or even think.
This is also true when you are around people who are cursing everything – everyday.
Their life, their family, kids, parents, school, teachers, their boss, the ‘system’, relatives, the government… in fact their whole existence.
After having sat with people of different mindsets and backgrounds even for a couple of hours, you will notice their effect on your mood and thinking. And if you are not very careful, it will snowball into something harmful.
Bottom line, choose the people you spend your time with, very carefully.
Life is not as bad as YOU think.
And in the words of a remarkable gentleman, Sarmad Tariq, a quadriplegic:
‘If you can stand up and clap, you should count yourself lucky.’
Because Sarmad can not move himself from his neck down. Moves in a wheelchair all the time, and requires the help of an assistant for even the simplest chores like drinking a glass of water and going to the loo. But, still considers his life fantastic!
But more on Sarmad later.
Hope this helps you to create a better life.
Dare to dream.
Be grateful for what you have.
Nuruddin Abjani

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  • Awesome Inspiration Sir.:)

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  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks Hamid. God bless.

  • Hamid

    It was really nice to read your thoughts and views.Thanks for sharing.

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Thanks Azra and Suheilah.

    Yes. The fact that we are alive and can read and write this, should tell us how lucky we are. Sometimes, we just have to look at people below us to realize how happy we should be. Yet…
    You couldn't have said it better, Suheilah: Life ALWAYS has a bright side to it, when you LOOK for it.
    Thanks and God bless us all.

  • Suheilah

    I used to take care of a woman who became half-paralyzed after a stroke. One of her arms was also affected.
    In ready this I was was reminded of something she one said.
    "Even though I cant clap, I can snap"
    Life ALWAYS has a bright side when you look for it

  • Azra

    maza aa gaya.. Azra