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16 November 2010 15 Comments

My Presentation: Is Life A Race?

Life is NOT a race
Take it slower.
Listen to the music
Before the song is over…
This is a copy of the presentation I used in my talk on ‘Is Life A Race?’ at The Linkers on Sunday, the 14th November 2010. Please feel free to share with everyone.

Nuruddin Abjani

16 November 2010 4 Comments

One Minute Kindness – 2

Some time back, I wrote ‘One Minute Kindness’ on this blog. Simple, yet powerful. Here comes Part II! I was reading Rajesh Setty’s blog Life Beyond Code in which he quotes every day anecdotes about Thoughtfulness… He talks about an email that he received from a friend in Sweden, who was a long time employee […]

13 November 2010 13 Comments

Who Are You When No One’s Watching

What is Sin: “When you are caught doing something that you have always done!” Right?
We tend to behave differently when we are with people. Would we still do (not do) the same things when we are by ourselves? A powerful question to ask ourselves… Read on

13 November 2010 12 Comments

You’ve Got To Read This Book!

This is a book that I recommend everyone to read. 55 of the most influential & famous people tell the story about the book that changed their life. A must read.

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