My Presentation: Is Life A Race?

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  1. Very interesting presentation and in one way or the other most of us in a race, might be the rat race. Your presentation is convincing us to think, is it right what we are doing.
    In my case I have given thought few times even before going through you presentation and came to conclusion that my losses are greater than acheivement in the race, but sadly when I saw the corruption and the rate of crime in my city Karachi, I dare not to be out of race. I want to be back home spend the evening in the lawn of my home with my family, and have relaxed time.
    Hope I get courage to face the corruption in Pakistan and worse law and order situation too.
    Thanks for sharing the presentation.
    Jazakallah khair

    1. Thanks for your comments, Mr Sameer.

      Its always ones own decision about being in the race or not.
      However, not being in the race doesn’t mean that we cease to work or do stuff that we have to do for a living.

      What I say in my talks is, to focus on your ultimate dream or passion and not on something because your ‘near and dear ones’ would like you to do it.

      Its about making a conscious decision to live your life the way YOU want it.
      People will ALWAYS have something bad to say about you, no matter how hard one tries. Kuch to loag kahengey.

      So, to me, its better to live my way and let people say whatever they want to say (have to say!).

      I read this long time back:
      You can please some of the people all the time.
      All of the people some of the times.
      But never all the people all the time.

      And for the corruption part, I have seen people living in Pakistan and not bribing anyone. Yes, its a bit difficult in the beginning. One has to have to have a lot patience to handle it, but in the end one could always be happy that one did not succumb to it.
      Again, the choice is ours. I have experienced amazing honesty around us, even in government departments. But, we tend to forget those incidents and focus and discuss the bad ones only. I have had the CAA staff return an expensive watch and a pen to me in the aircraft, which I had forgotten at the security check at Karachi Airport.
      The policeman who wouldnt take the hundred rupee note and insist on issuing you a ticket.
      The policeman who helped an old lady cross the road.
      The traffic police who doesnt drink water the whole day, lest he will have to go to the washroom to relieve himself. (Quoted by Faisal Qureshi)

      I am sure, all of us have been exposed to similar positive incidents. Please talk about them with your friends and family.
      Its not the end of the world, yet.

      The problem with our minds is if we focus on the positive, it will behave positively and take you places… And vice versa.

      I will repeat the prayer:
      God, grant me the courage to change the things I can.
      The serenity to accept the things I can’t.
      And the wisdom to know the difference.

      Thanks once again for commenting.

      God bless you, always.


  2. Noordin Bhai, hats off. Great transformation of thoughts.

    Those who doubt,i acknowlege the power of thoughts, it has changed my life completely. Specially the gift (a book) of Noordin bhai to me.

    Thanks Noordin Bhai, and i am the lucky one that Noordin Bhai once laughed on my DREAMS 🙂

    Thank You


  3. Salaam Saab,

    This is heavy stuff, “LIFE and “RACE” not one but two FOUR letter words. Well, IMHO life should not be a race but rather a pursuit (and its not a four letter word). Only a bore(4) would like to race as “a race” tends to have a fixed “Finish Line” (how appropriately termed).

    Different people have different abilities (like it or not but that is how we are programmed) as long as I am constantly challenging my own abilities (what abilities one is challenging is a whole new debate) and raising the bar for myself I would die as an extremely satisfied man. I cannot be bill gates, steve jobs, warren buffet etc. and they cannot be ME because if everybody could be everybody then everybody would be nobody. So set Goals for yourself (and not “Finish Lines”) and pursue those goals and while doing so do not forget to enjoy the RIDE (another of the 4 family) too.

    Last but not least, if all else fails you always have the option of blaming the “SCRIPT”.

    (NOTE: This writer is not open to interpretation of the above, mainly because he is extremely preoccupied in dealing with his “talented incapabilities” – whatever that means).

    1. Thanks Jawad for the interesting comments.
      I am sure the readers would like to comment on your comments, if you would open the floor for them.
      Btw, did you get a chance to go through the presentation?

      If you haven’t, please have a look at it. Most of the things that you have touched upon are there…
      Thanks once again.
      God bless you,


  4. Life is short and ambitions are countless,i believe in early success rather struggling for life time to achieve glory, It is important to race smartly than working hard,That what donkey does as well and in the end poor animal is their where it has to be taken and the master finally reward to feed him,we are mashallah with great abilities probably we lack application how utilize to win the race of our own.

    Mehdi Baig …

    1. Thanks for the comments, Mr. Mehdi.

      Working smart, that is what we all need. If you are already doing it, hats off to you…

      God bless you.


  5. Hey Nuruddin bhai,
    The presentation was awesome 😀 loved it 😀

    Plz email this presentation if you like I will take it as my life learning presentation 😀

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