Who Are You When No One’s Watching

Ever thought about that?

How do we behave when we are alone and when we are with people?

The real character is what you are when there is no one watching you. No one else, but YOU.

Youtube is full of videos where people were caught on camera doing stuff that they shouldn’t. Sometimes we laugh at them, sometime we pity them.

Its always good to stop and think before you do something. Not thinking who is watching, but a deep thought:

Would I still do this if I knew someone was watching me?

The other day I was talking to my old friend and mentor, Amir Ali Morani – who also happens to be an entrepreneur, author, teacher, coach etc – and he said he discussed with his students the definition of ‘sin’.

Ever thought what sin is?

The answer probably could be:

If you can get away with it, it is NOT sin, but when you are caught, it is.


– Like over speeding where there are no cameras?
– When your parents tell you not to do something, you don’t – at least in front of them – but do it when you are alone or with friends.
– We talk about people behind their backs, but never on their face. (Of course, you cant tell your boss on his face that he is an idiot!)
– You behave differently in front of your kids.
– You throw garbage out of your car window even when someone’s watching!

There could be millions of examples like these.

But the bottom line is:

Who are you when no one is watching.

Simple, yet powerful.

Dare to dream.

Love the life you live, Live the life you love.

Nuruddin Abjani

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  • It is place as a mainstream easy to use.The written skill is so good.I appreciate to this one.This provide a good information.I am very impressed to this one.Thanks to share this blog.

  • Rubina

    Good one! well I am not sure what I will do? I do make mistakes but try to stay away so really don’t know.

    • Thanks for your comment, Rubina.

      We are all human. We can only try.

      Keep it up.

      God bless.


  • Again a eye opener post and i will definitely try to do like this and Love the life you live, Live the life you love. this is the best line for me.

    • Thanks, Shiv.
      I am glad that you are enjoying the posts.
      God bless.

  • Giggles

    Oh my! This has made me more cautious now.. it is an eye-opener. A person who respects himself in private, and is cautious about morals, is a person with character.


    • Yes, Asma.

      ‘Reputation’ is merely what others think of you, but ‘character’ is who you really are…

      God bless you.


  • Mehdi

    Sir, Please could you explain …

  • Mehdi

    Absolutely we should lead our lives the way we love to go ahead and what so ever we do is not a sin won’t be unless you are caught which is bad or forbidden in our society,sir it is welcome note to other’s being more devil’s smart , don’t you think we should be more civilized to correct our self and relatively use sense of humor doing something creative instead that eventually recognize us as a well-being …

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Mehdi. Well said. Civilized we all are, what we do about it is another matter.

  • Romaisa

    vulnerable but yet strong

  • qaysy

    simple yet powerful!

    • Anonymous