Start THINKING in 8 Simple Steps

The story goes that when Tom Watson Sr, founder of IBM, asked one of his employees to ‘think’. The gentleman answered: ‘Think WHAT, sir?” And then he cursed himself for hiring people who don’t know how to THINK.

That was a long time ago, yet again if we ask anyone to think, the answer will be somewhat similar.

Since this blog is all about the Power Of ‘Thought’, I thought, we should talk about thinking or rather how to think, today.

It seems that we always thought that we know what we think, but the question is what do we think when we THINK?

I had written about how our mind controls most of our thinking in Flowers or Weeds in Your Garden on this blog which is a must-read if you haven’t already read it.

The reason being, we are not used to thinking alone. We think about things, people, incidents, good times, bad times (mostly!) but very rarely about the things that we want to change. Everyday life stuff. How we would like our lives to be better, how can we improve ourselves, our job, our family, our relationships, friends, our environment, our life, in fact our destiny!

I would recommend you to read books by Edward de Bono, the guru of lateral thinking. I have recently read his “THINK: Before its too late.” and its an eye opener. I am sure books like these will help you grow, as they help me – every day.

Want To THINK?

So, coming back to thinking. Its imperative for us to spend at least 15 minutes every day to think. Yes, just plain old THINK.

Take these simple steps:

1. Sit down in a quiet place in your house or outside. Or even a place of worship.

2. Take a paper and a pencil. (A notebook will be much better with a pen, thats what I prefer.)

3. Close your eyes and just let your thoughts think what they want to think.

4. Try to think about your job, business, relationships, finances, career, life, goals, achievements, dreams, where you want to go, what you love doing etc. In fact, anything that you want answers to, or do better at. Even the things that you THINK you are good at.

5. After a couple of sittings like these, you will feel things/ideas coming in your mind. Good things. Better way of doing things. Or simply creative thoughts. Keep them coming. Dont stop them, please!

6. Write them down before you forget them.

7. Act on them, they could be the ones to change your life.

8. Have fun! And pray for me!

If you try and do this every day for even 10 minutes, I promise you that your life will be different in less a month. Provided, you act on those thoughts and don’t just write them and forget them.

Dont forget that most of the big ideas for inventions in this world came to their minds when they were relaxing or doing nothing, not playing with their cell phones and computers! That is food for THOUGHT for us!

What we think, we become.

Have a remarkable life.

Dream big dreams.

Shoot for the moon.

Nuruddin Abjani

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