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31 January 2011 23 Comments

The Teacher and A CEO: What Do YOU Make?

This touching story was forwarded to me by Mr. Khalid Jehangir of The Lyceum School. A Big Thank You to him. I was just informed by Mr Rehan Vastani that the following has been taken from a Taylor Mali poem ( with the title “What Teachers Make”. Thanks Mr Mali for this wonderful gift! I […]

29 January 2011 7 Comments

What’s YOUR Sentence?

Ever thought how you want to be remembered when you are no more?
What is your sentence? How would people describe you in one line?
Think about it!
A big THANK YOU to Dan Pink for this.

16 January 2011 3 Comments

The 3 A’s of Awesome: A Must Watch!

You’ve only got 100 years to enjoy life!

4 January 2011 3 Comments

What Will They Say When You Are Dead

How would we want someone to remember us after we are no more?
Our legacy and the memories are the only things we leave behind us.
Would they remember us as someone remarkable who touched their lives?
Are we working towards it? Time to RETHINK!

2 January 2011 5 Comments

Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

Have you Googled yourself lately? I am sure you have… And what did you find? No… dont tell me. But, you know that only if the results are other than Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites then you are talking! In my talks I have emphasized that in the times to come & may […]

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