What Will They Say When You Are Dead

I was reading one of my Internet Guru Micheal Hyatt’s post “Creating A Life Plan” where this sentence stopped me in the tracks:

What Will They Say When You Die?

Have we ever thought about this ‘petty’ matter?

Or we are too busy in the day-to-day stuff to think about these things which are for much later, when we are in our 60’s or 70’s.

I am 45 now and have incidences of friends at all ages who died, suddenly. Without even having the time to say good bye.

I am sure you have enough examples all around you as well.

A friend of mine invited us to a grand dinner the other day and we all had so much fun together. He was his usual self, happy and making all of us – happier. Only three days later, he left this world.


We think, we will all live forever.

Or, It can happen to others, but not us?

Or we are do not care?

I think all of us care enough. About our legacy. In fact, the memories & our legacy are the only things that will keep us alive in other people’s thoughts. Be they our loved ones, close family, friends, colleagues, teachers, acquaintances or the people who we have been able to touch briefly, even once.

Would we want them to think of us as someone remarkable who helped them in some way?

Someone who touched their lives?

For the better?

Someone they wished they had spent more time with?

Or…. ????

Food for thought for all of us. Isn’t it?

In short: Time to RETHINK!

May God grant us a long, healthy & happy life.

Nuruddin Abjani

PS: You might want to know how Apple’s Co-Founder, Steve Jobs lives his life: ‘Your time is limited…’

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