What’s YOUR Sentence?

While I was going through the blogs that I like, I stumbled upon a beautiful post in Daniel Pinks blog http://www.danpink.com .

The post was called simply: What Is Your Sentence.

This is how YOU want people to describe you or remember you when you are no more.

How people would talk about you.

Dan Pink asked for 15-second videos from all over and finally posted a 2-minute  clip of the most touching ones. You could check them out here.

Have you ever thought about that? Your sentence?

If you have, great! And if you already have a sentence, please share in the comments section below.

And if you haven’t, its time to do that. Why? So early? There will be time enough…. Are you sure?

The reason for doing this now and not later is not that you are getting old. But more importantly, once you know how you want to be remembered, the whole focus of your life changes. In fact, that IS and should be your focus. The reason of your being.

You will then concentrate on stuff that will help you achieve what you have always dreamt of.

It doesn’t have to be dry and ‘unsexy’. Like mine!

You could come up with the most daring, adventurous, humorous, sexy sentence. It all depends what you want in life.

I know, this might put some people off, but believe me the sooner you do this, the better your life will be.

I promise.

I had written an earlier post Mind Blowing Questions to Ask Yourself, read it if you haven’t up till now. It could change your perspective of what we do in our every life.

My sentence?

“I kind, loving man who inspired & improved the lives of people he touched.”

I know its not very sexy. But thats what I have been able to come up, till now – at least!

If you have a sentence, please share in the comments section and I will post them. If you want, your identity will not be shared.

Dare to dream.

Follow your passion.

Be happy, always.


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  • Really good post and also good question. thanks for this useful link.

    • Thanks once again, Shiv (is it your name, sir?).

      God bless you.


  • Muhammad Aslam Samejo

    from link with this burning web my question is that
    What will be my future ? ?

  • Nice post
    and my sentence would be (obviously not a final one)
    “an explorer who did his best to portray the positive of this country”

    • Great sentence, Danial!

      Keep it up!

      God bless you, always.


  • Kudos to you for an inspiring thought provoking post 🙂

    • Thanks Wasif.

      You have a great gift of sharing with others whatever you notice and think that others will also benefit from it.

      And a special Thank You for always sharing my thoughts with your fans, followers and friends.

      God bless you, always.