What Others Think Of You, Matters?

When was the last time you were told by someone that you are ‘no good’? (Happens with me every day, don’t know about you!)

And your mood remained off or bad for days, weeks or even months?

Just because someone told you that.

Think about it.

Why would you let someone, no matter how close that person is to you, let you feel that you are actually not good?

And how could he/she know what else is good inside you?

And that so many times you have proven how good you are… People praised you, admired you, applauded for you, gave you a raise…promotion.. et al. What happened to those times?

(Tip: It is always nice to have a list of events that made you happy. Keep a diary or a journal. You won’t regret it.)

And why would you need someone to tell you how good or bad you actually are?

Let me tell you an interesting story.

A teacher enters the class and shows everyone a 100 dollar bill. And asks ‘Who wants it?’

Of course, everyone raised hands.

The teacher crumples the note and then asks the same questions. Of course everyone still wanted $100 dollars.

Then he throws it on the ground & crushes it with his feet, without actually damaging the note. Again, the students wanted the note.

He then asks, did the value of the note go down when it was crumpled, wrinkled or crushed?

Of course NOT.

Then how could your value be diminished just because you are going through a difficult phase? Which will end very soon.

You are what you are and no one has the right to tell you any differently. Constructive criticism is good, very good…

But most people do is to belittle you. And you, of all the people, should know it.

Its good to bounce off ideas with others who like and love you, but when they begin to become negative about you, your attitudes, your dreams, your passion…Then you know the time has come to…?

And as this old Urdu adage goes:

Suno sab ki par karo apni. (Listen to everyone, but do what you think is right.)

Don’t tell others how much you are worth, they don’t know.

And in the beautiful words of this 80+ year old girl:

“What others think of you is not your problem.”

Until we believe in ourselves, no one else will.

Let them say whatever they want to.

They always will. You cannot make everyone happy. And you shouldn’t even try!

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Have a fantastic life.

Love the life you live or live the life you love.

Shoot for the moon.


Picture courtesy: Fusion Pix/Corbis

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