Rumi’s 7 Advices

In December 2009, I was presented with a beautiful gift by Mr. Nuh Kucuksonmezp, a friend from Turkey that I had recently met in Beijing. It was a beautiful scroll on which the famous Seven Advices by Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi were beautifully hand-embroidered. I have taken a picture of it from my cell. I know the quality is not as it should be. But, it serves the purpose! Right?

I hanged this awesome gift in my house where I could see it whenever I felt like it. Thans Nuh. God bless you.

I have reproduced the 7 Advices here for you to read it clearly, copy, share with your dear and near ones and remember:


In generosity and helping others


In compassion and grace


In concealing others’ faults


In anger and fury



In modesty and humility



In tolerance





I don’t think you know too much about Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi, or simply Rumi. Click here to know more about the great Sufi poet.


I’d rather not discuss what these advices mean and how we should lead our lives, but I am sure this must have clarified a lot of things in your mind today.


God bless us all.


Have a remarkable life.


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  • Wonderful! 🙂

  • Thanks, Raise for this quote by Mevlana Rumi.

    For those who can’t understand Persian (Farsi), it means:
    ‘I was merely known as a “Maulvi” (preacher) until I find (my master)
    Shams Tabrez under whose spiritual tutelage I became “Maula-e-Room…’

    God bless you.

    Keep inspiring.


  • Sabza Aly Jiwani

    Nuruddin, You are doing an excellent work and I admire your efforts, Rumi’s advices if followed by all, this place would be next to jannat(Heaven) and one can if s(he) has the patience and perseverance coupled with tolerance and if u have tolerance, u probably have humility, so its inter-mingled

    • Thanks for the comments, sir.

      Yes, if all of us understand & follow Rumi’s teachings, the world will surely be a better place.

      We all need to become better human beings first.

      God bless you, always.


  • Zeekay

    NURU THE GURU , wonderful,  God bless you and  Nuh, and as Nuh said its not easy to practise all seven advises, but if at all we practise tolerance, the other six will come our way one by one……

    • Zahid,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well said, tolerance is a very important virtue. But only a few can practice that…

      God bless.


  • It’s a awesome work and i will definitely share this information with my friends.All of 7 advices are really related to our life.

    • Yes, all advices – although ages old – are still relevant.

      God bless you.


  • Sweetness of Faith

    Thanks for sharing. It is indeed a wonderful gift, a wonderful reminder and reinforcer.
    I have always found Sufi poets’ thoughts very interesting, their teachings on beautification of the soul.

    • Thanks for the comments, Sweetness of Faith.

      Yes, Sufi poets, especially Moulana Rumi raises one’s self to a much higher level. Beyond the threshold of pain, pleasure and ego.

      God bless you.


  • Great thoughts!

    What is the source Nuruddin bhai?
    Did you recently go to Istanbul 🙂


    Malik Mirza

  • Great one Nuruddin bhai. Rumi is one of my favorite Sufi poets. His philosophy can teach us humans a lot about the true essence of BEING HUMAN or as we may call it human being.

    • Thanks Sahib.
      Yes, Rumi takes you to a different realm…
      Keep inspiring, keep sharing.
      God bless you.

  • Nuh Kucuksonmez

    I am the person that Nuriddin mentions. I am very happy to meet with a nice person like you. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi ( Known as Jalaluddin Rumi by the world ) lived in our city in Konya almost 800 years ago.

    His thoughts as a summary; respects everybody, everything in the world whoever, whatever,etc..Being patient, always respect to others even animals even plants,etc..Everything is alive in the world and everything is turning from each other starting from atoms to world..Main and only thing is LOVE in this world. Human can reach to God by only loving deeply and giving up materializm. Tolerance is one of the most important thing.

    Practising seven advices is not easy under the current world life but at least we try or never give up trying.

    He says ‘Come come whatever you are.It does not matter.’ and his thought still lives and every year so many people come to our city from all over the world to visit his graveyard and to see Sema Shows. If you can surf net as ‘Whirling Dervishes’ you can see the photos of this kind of show. Normally, it symbolize many things..If you are interested in, I try to explain later.

    See you.


    • Thanks Nuh for enlightening us about Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi & his teachings.

      And also about the Whirling Dervishes…
      I will post a picture on the dervishes in this post…

      Thanks once again.

      God bless you, always.


    • Thanks Nuh for sharing such beautiful thoughts!

      One day i intend to visit Qonia and see the whirling dervishes. We were told about the symbolism of whirling dervishes dance in one of the lectures and it would really be great to read the native telling us more about it, particularly the stages related to preparation, progression and coming back.

      Looking forward to listen from your side on such a soul inspiring ritual!

  • what a wonderful share.
    exist as you are or be what you look.
    so awesome sir 🙂

    • Thanks Aisha.

      Difficult to do, but not impossible. Right?

      God bless you, always.


      • its the easiest thing to be what you are in actually. its a human desire to go to its origin..
        thanks for the share and your good wishes 🙂

  • Saamia

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts. I loved the way you ended it ” ’d rather not discuss what these advices mean and how we should lead our lives, but I am sure this must have clarified a lot of things in your mind today.

    Have a great day too and God Bless!

    • Thanks for noticing, Saamia.

      God bless you, always.


  • Nooruddin taj

    Nuru, These are very difficult to follow but I found them extremely helpful when I needed them the most. The challenge now is to begin the process of instilling them as behaviors.

    On a more personal note, a ghazal mehfil is way overdue. But then it reminds me of “Hamesha Dair Kardeta hoo(n) mai” by Muneer Niazi –

    • Yes, Nooruddin. Its something that all of us should think about and practice.

      Again, difficult but not impossible.

      Most of the times its our ego that spoils it all. Any thoughts on that?

      A ghazal mehfil…Wow! Its been ages since I heard you sing, sir!

      Good luck in everything you do.

      God bless us all.