One Minute Read: Who’s Setting Your Agenda?

I couldn’t help sharing this short but thought-provoking piece by one of my gurus, Seth Godin:

“The job of the CEO isn’t to check things off the agenda. Her job is to set the agenda, to figure out what’s next.

Now that more and more of us are supposed to be CEO of our own lives and careers, it might be time to rethink who’s setting your agenda.”


You can read this post here.

Does it make you think about your life?

It should…

Do think about how we live our lives…


Is anyone running our lives for us?

The answer could be one of the many people in your life…

Or worse, it could be: ‘I dont know…’!

Time to rethink! Time to take time off your computers, Blackberries, iPhones, cellphones, iPads, TVs, iPods …. !!!!!


Don’t read any further.


Think about your life!

Where is it now and where will it be a year or five years from now?

Where should it be?

The question to ask ourselves is:

Am I doing anything to steer my life in the right direction?


Am I just drifting with the ‘wind’?

And the interesting part is: The choice is ALWAYS yours…

No excuses, justification or rationalization…


Dare to dream!

Follow your passion!

Everything is possible!

Nuruddin Abjani

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