Dreams & Goals: You Must Be Out of Your Mind!


I have been speaking and writing about dreams and goals.

And I am sure some of the people (or maybe more of them!) think this is all crap. They think our destiny is all written for us and we will live the same life, no matter what we do.


I dont blame them.

Why I am writing this one today is because of a glaring example that lies in front of me. Of someone who is known to me for the last two decades. This gentleman asked me for advice on what he should do in terms of a career move which was hitherto impossible to even consider by him. More than a decade in one organization. Everything was going well. He never wanted to switch.

When, suddenly, it all came down like a pack of cards.

It could have have happened to any one of us.

Imagine this:

a. A drastic change in the organizational environment.

b. Petty office politics becoming serious.

c. Office moving to a new out of the city (leaving your comfort zone!) location.

d. A new boss who doesn’t like your face.

e. Et al (add yours here…)

Happens with everyone. Nothing wrong with it. Life will have twists, turns and about turns. One has to to be prepared for them and tread accordingly.

Have you thought if you didn’t have the cushy (or not so cushy!) job anymore?

Finding a new one could be difficult. Specially if you have been in an organization for ages and your growth is nowhere to be seen. People below you are being promoted because of their ability to please.

And you feel down and depressed every time you come home from work. Thinking how bad was your day. Especially because you have been trying to work, do a better job, achieve targets, do good for the organization, say ‘yes’ to everyone around, right from the peon to the Big Boss. Yet, people around you make sure that your great work is downplayed every time.

Or, the person who appreciates you and your work, a mentor or a good boss, suddenly leaves the organization.

And you are left without the support of that someone who has always been there for you.

Suddenly, you realize that no one likes you anymore.

When you had the chance to learn more, go to college to get your extra degree, you felt there is no need. Because you are already a success. You have ‘made it’ and the going is good. Smooth.

Your not being over-qualified (read under-qualified) didn’t hamper your success earlier but now suddenly it has become a sore thumb. Everyone notices it.

Things change, people change.

Did YOU?

Were you willing to spend some time out of your ‘busy (evening & early morning) schedule’ to learn, think, plan your life, or simply develop yourself for the next opportunity?

They say, you should always be ready for your next promotion.

Now, suddenly you are left alone.

Nowhere to go.


You realize…

If only…

“I would have spent some time studying and finishing that course or degree that seems to be so important now…”

“I had spent more time on my self-development…”

“I had reached out to people who wanted to be friends with me. Who could have helped me grow…”

“I had written down goals/dreams/vision. Of where I wanted to be in the next 1, 3 and 5 years. Instead of going with the ‘flow’…”

“I had been ahead of the ‘pack’…”

“I had tried to learn new things and not be happy with whatever (little) I knew…”

“I had tried to engage a mentor who could have guided me…In good times.” )To read more about the topic read “Why We Need Mentors”)

“I had dreams that I would have chased…”

“I had not taken my job for granted…”

“I had tried to do more with my time than wasting it on stuff like TV, ‘hanging out’, lounging etc…”

(All of this reminds me of the famous fable “Who Moved My Cheese”.)

Out of all of the above, I’d like you to choose the one that is most important. Or should be most important.

What is it?

Yes, the one with having dreams, goals and vision for yourself.


An organization progresses because it knows where it needs to go.

It exactly knows the revenue it needs to touch this month, this quarter, this year, in the next 2 years, 5 years etc.

And hence, most companies usually achieve their targets. Or are pretty close to them.

Why shouldn’t WE, as human beings, have targets of our own.


A Life Plan? (More on that later)

Why not at least a dream or ‘Where I want to be in the next 5 years..’?

If only we could dream big, think of things that seem impossible to do. We will astound ourselves.

I have seen people changing the world with their dreams. Can’t we, at least, change ourselves? Our life?

Dreams will keep our eyes on the road and will not let us go haywire on the stuff that matters most.


“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”
Fitzhugh Dodson


Have you read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne? It is one of the best selling books of our times. A must-read if you want to achieve a lot in your life. It has changed my life. God bless Mr. Yasin Bhura, my friend and mentor, who presented it to me 4 years back. And my life has never been the same.

Sometime back I had written a post called “Do People Laugh At Your Dreams”, which is my most popular post for a while now. See if you want to read it.

Btw, its important for us to know what is the difference between a dream and a goal:

A GOAL is a dream with a deadline.

Enough for now, I think.

Hope this helps in your making the right choice about your time, your career… Your Life.


Dare to dream.

Follow your passion.

God bless you, always.



Picture: http://twitter.com/#!/InspiredRobin

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  • Thank you Mr.Abjani, But problem is that our dreams are  not for ourselves.we need big house.a lavish car and so on. this will always frustrated and not develop a positive energy to achieve our goal by following right path.

  • Naveed

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  • bridget

    Did this post inspire hollywood to make the movie Larry Crowne :)?
    Nice one.

  • Contact_humza

    i am a man without goal. No objective, an arc without rudder … moving and living everyday as it comes . Need to see u not to redefine but to invent or may be discover the goal. J Alamtab

    • Javed, nothing wrong with taking every day as it comes… 

      I am on for coffee, anytime! 

      God bless you.


  • Ann

    Dear sir,after reading,I think it’s high time for me to redefine my life,then pursue it! Although slow maybe,but steadily I can make it.

    • Thats awesome, Ann!

      Good luck to you.

      God bless you.


  • Your every post is really helpful for me in my regular life.

    • Thanks Shiv for your comment and the encouragement.

      God bless.