My Presentation: Dare to Dream

Here is the presentation I used in my session at Bahria University.

Please feel free to share.


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  • Ram

    Well said Nuruddin, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Lyzl

    i like the presentation. very proffessional prepared. I guess some one else hepled you to make it. Is there a way to learn how to make it? 

    • Thanks for your kind words, Lyzl. 
      No, no one helped me in this presentation. 

      You can learn more about this software by visiting … Its awesome. 

      Hope this helps. 

      God bless you.


  • Malik Mirza

    Good one Nuruddin bhai – nice sharing

    i think now, the next idea should be to write an E-Book on ‘Dream Big’ . your thoughts?

    P.S. I can help you develop one, rather, we can work on it jointly 🙂


    Malik Mirza

    • Thanks Malik.
      Yes, there is a book on the cards.
      Of course, we could work on it together.
      Will discuss details with you once I am back to Pakistan.
      Thanks and God bless.


  • Dr. Imran Khoja

    very inspiring..
    I wish i would have attended such presentation when i was in school.
    but no problem.. .its never too late.

    Can you pls tell us how was your experience at Bahria ?

    • Thanks for the comment, Dr Khoja.

      I had been to Bahria before. This time it was an auditorium full of students.
      A little difficult to manage, though!
      But all went well.
      God bless you.