Are You Having A Bad Day?

You are in your Sunday best & have just arrived at an event/dinner/party. You have been in an awesome mood all day. Looking forward to this day.

And you bump into an old ‘friend’ who says something about how you look or what you are wearing or your hair cut (thank God that doesn’t happen to me!) or how it would have been better if it was another color or style.

Some petty stuff. That shouldn’t bother anyone.

But, it bothers YOU. Me. And everyone around us.

Lo and behold: The ‘animal’ inside you, which we all call ‘mood’, is angry.

And it spoils the evening for you.

In spite of everything.

In spite of the fact that every other person you meet says you look great, gorgeous, handsome, awesome … add some more ‘somes’… And yet, you remember the bad one ONLY.

We also feel this way when someone DOESN’T say something that we expect to hear. And if that doesn’t happen, we are suddenly ‘having a bad day’.

Seems like something inside us doest listen to us. And has its own ‘thinking’ and agenda. ‘It’ can spoil an awesome day, evening, night, event etc. Just because ‘it’ wasn’t in the ‘moooooood’…


Happens to you?



(Thanks for visiting my blog. You dont need to read this post any further… Kidding!)


And for those to whom this happens, and quite frequently at that, please read on:

I am sure all of us have possessed a machine, equipment, appliance in the last so many years of our lives.

How do you usually turn it on?

With a power switch, remote, timer, trigger etc?

Now, who possesses/holds/carries the remote/switch….?

The owner or user: meaning YOU.

Now think about this:

Who owns YOUR body?

Your mind?

Your ‘mood’?

Your ‘heart’?

Your thinking?

Your thought process?

And the correct answer is: YOU, of course?



If that was the case, then we would be happy all the time.

Why aren’t we?

Why does our mood go down & up… For no apparent reason?

I think we are owned by our ‘MOOD’.

For if the above were owned by you, you would have had no ‘bad days’ and ‘mood off’s. And you would have been the happiest person around.

Got the point?

So, if the above is true, what can we do about it?

Everyone goes through this problem but no one seems to have a solution.


Ever met someone who is always smiling, laughing, living life?

Someone who might have a little bit less wealth/money/worldly possessions etc, but lives life to the fullest.

Ask them how can they do it?

Dont they meet the same sort of people that you do?

Dont they live in the same country/city/area that you do?

Dont they go through the same hassles & problems through life?

Same load shedding & street crimes that you do.

You will be surprised if you knew that sometimes these people are having worse circumstances than you do. And yet they decide to be happy.

They have decided to take life head on.

With a smile on their faces.

Come what may.

Yes, the only thing that YOU need to do is:


I quote Regina Brett, a young-at-heart lady who I admire a lot.

She says:

“No one is in charge of your happiness, but YOU!”

Read her book, “Life’s Little Detours”. Or watch her read it to you on YouTube. Or just visit her blog.

I know two Pakistanis who have trouble performing trivial, everyday tasks by themselves. Tasks that you & I perform everyday & take them for granted, like walking, sitting up, and going to the loo.

They have decided to take life head on, be happy AND change the world!


One is Nooruddin Bhamani a.k.a Munna Bhai and the other is Sarmad Tariq. You can click on their names to know more about them. Sarmad has an awesome blog, please visit & share.


So, coming back to being happy…

What do you think?

Is it difficult to be happy?

Is it really dependent on circumstances? Wealth? Status? A bigger house? A bigger car? Ability to get up every day? Walk? Run?


‘Happiness is a state of mind.’

Is it?

I’d like to know YOUR take on happiness in the comments section below and lets see how all of us perceive happiness.

God bless you.

Nuruddin Abjani

Picture courtesy: Google Images

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  • Happiness, the most sought-after entity. the biggest dilemma is that since childhood we have been told that we need to search it, that’s why we are in a rat race. We think that in order to be happy we need to get something, big car, good job, beautiful wife, wealthy husband, vacations abroad, etc. but we get disappointed because its not associated with anything. Its already inside us. We already possess it. So, stop its search and feel it inside. 

  • To me happiness is “being stable” regardless of the outside situation. It does not necessary that people find you smiling all the time but one must have sense of contentment deep inside ones heart and how to get that? very simple. Just close your eyes for a minute, have few deep breaths and count God’s blessing that you have, not in literal meaning but with feelings, and be grateful. In 60 seconds you will be happy again.

    • Thanks Imran. 
      Yes, contenment, counting our blessings and being grateful for what we have rather than we want. 
      Its inside us all. 

      Thanks for sharing. 


  • Sarah Q

    I agree with you completely!! I am one such incredibly optimistic woman. I am always, and I mean ALWAYS chirpy and happy and smiling, no matter how irritated or upset I am.. And you know what, smiling actually helps a lot! It brightens up not only my day but of those around me. 
    Happiness has nothing to do with anything that you have or you don’t. Though I must confess it irks me endlessly when I fail to get a gorgeous dress in my size  🙂 But happiness is inside you. Its all in your head. YOU can change and alter and mould your mood into whatever you want it to be. The mystery is why people don’t WANT to be happy. Its just a matter of choice. Choose to be grateful and thankful for all the blessings and have a great day!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sarah. 

      Its heartening to know that there are real people who experience happiness in everyday life… 
      God bless you, always.