Daily Kindness 3

This is yet another daily kindness that I experienced in Karachi a couple of months back.

I had given my wife’s car for a paint job to a very old workshop called Yazdani Motors. Some of you may have heard the name. Its very old and is owned & successfully managed by Mr. Naushir Irani.

No, this is not an advertisement! And I have not been paid for saying all of the above!

The reason for the background will be evident as you read further.

When I entered the workshop and saw the finished car and how it was transformed to an almost brand-new-looking one, I was delighted.

So, when Mr Irani came in, I hugged him and said:

‘You made my day, sir! God bless you!’

He smiled and you could see that he was happy for being complimented. He was actually beaming, cheek to cheek.

Painting a car is like an art form to him. And being flattered and praised for something you love doing certainly makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Btw, I didnt do anything extraordinary, but something that anyone would do in my situation.


The real story begins now:

When I praised his work, and hugged him, his eyes were shining. Which I couldn’t understand. He must be getting compliments like that every day from all over.

Only when he narrated an incident that happened with him in the very workshop that I understood why he felt differently.


Hope we could all learn from this:

Mr Irani must have done another one of his exquisite paint jobs on another car. A more expensive one for sure.

The guy who was taking the delivery of the car thanked Mr Irani and said:

“Thanks, Mr. Irani. Good work.” and began to sit in his newly painted car. However, there was another gentleman with him, a dear friend probably, who said:

“To kya hua, paisey bhi to liye hai uss ney.”

(“So what. This guy charged you for the work!”)

Since Mr Irani was standing right there, he heard it and kept quiet. But was deeply hurt.

Now, I am not saying that one should praise every shopkeeper, grocer, dhobi, cook, barber that you do business with every day. But, if you really feel that the guy has done good work, praise him/her. Make his day. It wont cost you a thing, yet you would have made his day. And… he will always remember and probably pray for you.

Mr. Irani remembered the guy. But, in a different way.

Imagine, someone meeting 15-20 people every day, but vividly remembers the person who instead of saying something good about great work, said something entirely different. No one can forget this. I am sure you have gone through similar situations where people have hurt you without reason. It hurts. But one eventually forgets.

Waqt guzar jata hai par baat reh jaati hai.

In todays day and age, when there are enough bad things happening around us, isn’t it better that at least WE ensure that nothing bad happens by us, through us? And if possible, do good?


“Be kind whenever you possible. It is always possible.” Buddha


God bless you, always.


Picture courtesy: http://imageshack.us

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