How To Improve Your Will Power

The easiest way (easier said than done!) to improve your will power is to:

1. Try and do something that you DON’T want to do.

2. Try NOT TO DO something that you WANT TO DO.


Thats it. Simple & easy.

I know. Its far from being easy.


FIrst let me explain what this means.

Suppose you do pushups everyday and you have reached a number which you know you have not been able to beat, say 70. Try and push yourself to do just 72 or 73. The idea is to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Or you are doing school, college or simply office work. And you feel you have already done enough and your body/mind/mood cant take it anymore. See if you could make yourself do it for another 5 minutes only.

Now the other part of NOT DOING something.

We all love chocolates, ice cream, sweet things, fried stuff (add your favorites here…).

And some of us love hot stuff..(Hot – as in chillies and not what you are thinking!)

I have met people who hate sweets and love tasty – and sometimes not so tasty – hot food. Someone I know loves to nibble at ‘chaat masala’…(for those who don’t know what that is, can imagine a concoction of crushed chillies of all kinds/salt etc. Correct?).

Now how could you stop yourself from doing that.

The idea is to begin with baby steps. I know it has become a cliche’ now. But it helps to gradually improve one’s habits. Especially the ones that you think you can’t quit or overcome.

I didn’t want to give the example of cigarettes & sheesha. But, if you insist…

For cigarettes or anything that has become an addiction, both ways have seemed to work. But I am no expert!

If you already have the will, then by all means JUST QUIT TODAY – NOW. May God be with you.

For others, try to reduce the number of cigarettes, chocolates, bites, injections, sniffs etc. gradually till you know that its NOT something that you cannot do.

Think of your ‘will power’ like a muscle that you need to work on, like in the gym. Muscles that you work at, improve in size , definition & tone.

You can’t tell the coach, ‘No this muscle has always been like this. Never improves. I have always tried and given up. No matter what I do (besides working out!) it wouldn’t.’


This also means that when we are sitting like a couch potato watching TV, flipping channels that we don’t like and know we should begin/finish that book, or call a friend, read that article, write down what we want from life, our goals, dreams or finish a project that won’t take more than 15 minutes…

ACT of WILL POWER required?

Just get up and leave the room.

I think the difference between success and failure are these small things. These are the moments that one needs to focus on and worry about. This is where the future lies.

Our will power to do a little more than the people around, will give us the edge.

If everyone else around us is doing the same thing that we are, then we are going to be like them, no matter how worried we are about our future/career/life.

And in todays fast-paced world, the competition is not from people that we meet every day or from the same university/city/school/country.


We now have to compete with the best of the world. Who not only studied at world-class schools, but also seem to be intellectually superior & have better habits and are more in control of their day-to-day life than you and I.

Hence, to improve our will power is the ONLY way to go about it.


It is not an option.


In the end, life is all about choices we make.

Both good and not so good (read: bad).

I wrote an earlier post in a similar vein “Abhi Mood Nahi Hai…Lazy or Stupid?”. Check it out.

Dare to dream.

Improve daily.

God bless us all.


Nuruddin Abjani





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