10 Things To Create Your Dream Life – Be Grateful

In an interview on Dawn News some time back & during various talks I have shared 10 Things To Create Your Dream Life which is usually liked by a lot of people.

Now I have decided to elaborate on these 10 things that could change your life, for real. I know, you think its all #$%%^&*#. But, if you try this every day for the next 45 days, you will see the changes, promise!

Getting something extraordinary in life was never easy. Think of these 45 days as the equivalent of years of practice a world-class champion puts into his game to win the Gold Medal. Similarly, if you were to excel in every sphere of your life, these 45 days you will have to put a little more effort in your life than you would otherwise. You might have to give up a little of Facebook, TV, chatting with friends and a few games (?) that you love ‘investing’ your time in every day. And do something that gives more RoI (Return on Investment).

Since putting it all in one post would have been very lengthy, I have decided to divide them in several posts. Hope you get some goodness out of it.

Dont forget, you will have to practice most of these things every day to get the full benefit. With Passion & Love. Looking at your Dream Life, as you always wanted it.


Good Luck.




Why thank God?

I am sure we all have a list of stuff that we dont have and would definitely want for ourselves. That our friends and their friends have.

And even if we can read this on a PC, laptop or a WiFi/GPRS-enabled cellphone/iPhone/Pad/iPod/Blackberry etc in the comfort of our room/house/apartment/university/office/coffee shop/restaurant/car etc. And it is assumed that the place we are at the moment is clean, decently temperature controlled, with comfortable furniture, lighting and having something to eat or drink when feel like it.

Ever wondered how fortunate are we to be able to even read? Wear clean clothes? To be able to wash ourselves every day? Live under a roof?

Or being able to wish for something to eat and being able to eat it the same day or at least the same week! Not worrying about food on the table, usually?

Most of us are blessed with all the limbs and the rest of the parts in a human body, which some people are not blessed with – unfortunately.

Remember this one:

“I complained that I had no shoes, until I met someone who had no feet.”

You will be surprised at how happy you have suddenly become by beginning your day with a big ‘Thank You God’, coming from the bottom of your heart.

I dont think we can even begin to count the blessings that we all have been bestowed upon, yet we curse our qismat (luck) most of the times, even at the slightest pretext. And we are, at times,ungrateful. Which, to me, is no less than a sin.

The problem begins when we focus our thoughts & energy on the things that we don’t have, rather than being grateful for things that we already have & have taken for granted. I am sure we have all heard our elders teaching us always to look at people who are below us, who do not have much to eat, wear, drink or who cant even think of ‘hanging-out with friends’, using their BBM on their BBs for hours, playing games on their computers, watching TV, going to a better school/university etc. than looking at people who are economically above us.

The secret to fulfillment & happiness is to be grateful, every hour of the day.

Hence, before going to bed at night & first thing in the morning, say a Big ‘Thank You” to God. Doesn’t matter which religion you belong to. Just…. Be Grateful for everything you are and have.

And experience all the happiness that will surround you during the day.

Do this for the next 45 days and share your experience with all of us in the comments section below.

Did it improve your over all day?

Did you feel happier than you were earlier?

Did you see others in a different light?

Please share… You never know, you could change someone’s life by sharing your experience.

Stay blessed. Be grateful.

Dare to dream.



PS: Next part will be posted soon. Stay tuned and dont forget to practice being grateful.

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  1. This article has great reference value, thank you very much for sharing, I would like to reproduced your article, so that more people would see it.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bushra.

      Yes, we tend to forget this. I think it requires a constant reminder to ourselves that life can still give us a lot of happiness but we keep staring at the door that closed on us & worrying about it rather looking for the door/s that could have recently opened for us…

      Stay blessed.


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