10 Things to Create Your Dream Life – Affirm Every Day

The second amongst the 10 Things To Create Your Dream Life is:


(If you have not yet read the first of this series, here is the link which you could go through later. Both posts are independent of each other, so you can always read that after you have gone through this one.)

First, let me share a short explanation of the word ‘affirmation’ from Wikipedia to set the stage: 

‘Affirmations in New Age and New Thought terminology refers primarily to the practice of positive thinking—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”[1] 

More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one’s self and written down frequently.’ 


Since now we all know what an affirmation is, let me give you a few of my affirmations: 

‘I am the happiest person on Earth.’

‘I have enough time in my hands to do what I want to do.’ 

‘Every day in every way I am getting better and better.’

‘I am living the life of my dreams.’ (I actually am! God has been kind.)


Don’t ask me all of them… I have too many!

For anyone to affirm something, the first thing is to know clearly what one wants from life. If you haven’t decided what you want to achieve in life, then affirmations may not be able to do much.

Hence, it’s important to think deeply as to what you want in your life.

If you coud spare 5 minutes to yourself, you can find out what actually you want to achieve.

I know for a fact that most of us live someone else’s life. And could never do what we always wanted to do. You may be few of the fortunate ones who live life to the fullest and are moving towards your goals/dreams.

could get you going:

But, if you have ever struggled to come up with what you want to do in life, or where you want to go, try asking these simple questions to yourself:

1. If time or resources were not a problem, what would I rather do, be or have?

2. What am I passionate about? What is it that I do where ‘time flies’, when I am in the ‘flow’, what I love doing all day long without getting tired, whenever I think of doing it I am all smiles.

(Watching TV, chatting with friends, web surfing, ‘Facebooking’, sleeping etc. don’t count!)

3. What (Who) is stopping me?


You could also go through a post I wrote some time back, “Mind Blowing Questions to Ask Yourself”.

I won’t elaborate much on the questions, but the bottom line is that one has to have clear goals and preferably BHAG: BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS. 

You could have goals on any or all aspects of your life. In fact you must have them. Only then you know where you want to go and where you are going.

Once you have your goals defined, write each one of them down in a journal/diary/notebook etc.

By the way, do you have a notebook that you write everything on? Yes? Good…

No? Please get one. Make sure it is NOT the cheapest one. You don’t want to write your future on a ‘cheap’ notebook! Kidding… But, see that it’s a decent one, which lasts you a long time. Write your thoughts on it. It will surely help. All successful people do. You can’t trust your memory all the time.

Try to remember what did you have for lunch the day before yesterday?

See what I mean?

Now back to affirmations. We now need to convert these goals into affirmations.

For example, you have a financial goal of saving 100,000 by the end of a particular year, say 2012. Lets convert it to an affirmation. But before we do, first we have to know what are the basics of affirmations:

  1. Affirmations have to be positive.
  2. Affirmations have to be in the present tense.
  3. Affirmations have to be repeated at least twice a day.
So when we convert it to an affirmation, it becomes:

‘I will save Rs. 100,000.’ Which is not correct.

‘I will try to save Rs. 100,000.’ Again not correct.

Correct one is: ‘I have saved Rs. 100,000.’

Or… “I now have Rs. 100,000.”

This will help your subconscious mind to chew on it and make it happen.

Have you watched a documentary called The Secret? Or read its book version by the same name? It became a New York Times Bestseller. Not to be missed.

Ever heard about The Law of Attraction?

Or read another book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? If not then you can download a copy here. It’s a gem.

Please watch The Secret and your download a copy of Think & Grow Rich asap. This weekend, preferably!

I would also recommend another book by Rhonda Byrne, The Power.

Affirmations are an integral part of the Law of Attraction. I dont want to get into the mechanics of how affirmations work through our subconscious mind. But, the thing to remember is that your subconscious mind is your ‘stupid servant’, (yaani bewaqoof naukar). It will believe anything that you choose to tell it.

We keep telling ourselves that our lives are not good, we are not lucky/happy, we dont have good friends, my parents dont love me, I wont be able to do good in the exams, my boss doesn’t like me, I am about to be fired, he doesn’t love me anymore… et al.

Any negative thought you have is being relayed to the servant. And it processes it in the same way as it would “I am the happiest person on Earth”.

So, write down your affirmations and say them aloud every day. Early morning and before going to bed. But only after you have been grateful for everything you have at the moment.

So, now you know two of the 10 things which could change your life forever. Try to do these every day.

I will soon be back with the rest of the 10 things in the coming weeks/months.

Dare to dream.

Follow your passion.

Stay blessed.


Nuruddin Abjani

Photo: http://www.tracey-keefer.com

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  • AndiBB

    I believe!  You validate my deepest ideas.  I’ve twice survived 4th stage breast cancer attacks, using affirmations, speaking to my subconscious, as you say, and to my body (which is also a servant to your thoughts or commands).  I want to sign up for your every email.  I’m in love.  Married 46 years, 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law adopted into my heart, 5 grandkids I was “destined” not to see.  I truly believe I altered my fate with the power of my thoughts.  That and my conviction that my belief in my power to change predetermination is truly real (and hairy)! 

    • Thanks once again a passionate comment, Andi.

      We have countless examples of people coming out of grave, life threatening diseases by just altering the way they think and what they think. You have come out of cancer, that must be an experience.
      I send lots of prayers & love your way. May you be blessed, forever.


  • Thanks for the informative post. I will surely look forward to these. The techniques given here very impressive.

  • Naved Ahmed

    thank you for sharing 🙂 it sure helps me too and i also follow these set of affirmations my self as well 🙂

    • Thanks Naveed.
      Thats good news.
      I am sure affirmations help you in your daily routine as well. 

      Stay blessed. 


  • I wonder whether positive affirmations really work.  I’m researching the subject in psychological journals but I haven’t found much scientific evidence (a few things, maybe, but not much).  Have you?  I’m trying to put a blog together about the matter at the moment.  http://intelligentselfimprovement.blogspot.com  Thanks

    • John, thanks for your comment.
      What I have written in this post is based on my personal experience. After I began to affirm, my life started to change – for the better. Things began to happen. Mainly because my goals/dreams suddenly became a part of my every day life. Affirming regularly kept them alive in my mind & my subconscious mind worked towards it.
      Its good to find scientific evidence for things. However, I’d rather you try using affirmations for a couple of your goals and continue if its working. And you have all the right to reject it it isn’t working.
      Stay blessed.