“I don’t have time!”


Apologies for not being able to write lately… But I have been ‘busy’ and couldn’t find the ‘time’ to write!

Did I just say that?

I try and not say anything like this. Because, who am I to challenge time?

We all have 24 hours in this world, like everyone else.

In fact this is one of the few things that we are ‘equal’ with the rest of the mankind.

In fact, the most important commodity is not gold, diamond or platinum which could be bought by paying a price, the ONLY priceless thing is a smile that you put on someone’s face AND    .  .  .




I remember a thoughtful quote which says it all:

“No one is busy in this world, it’s all about priorities.”

Makes sense?

So, if all of us have 24 hours then why some people make these very 24 hours feel like 48 and some of us don’t even have time to do our ‘homework’?

Why successful people achieve so much in a day & why most of us lament about not having enough time to even take 30 minutes off & take care of the machine which keeps working non-stop for us, i.e., our body.

Successful people take time out for their family, self development, creating new relationships & business ventures, yet someone of us watch our favorite (read: boring) TV show all evening, or ‘chat’ with friends, ‘invest’ time on Facebook or News Channels and still cry about ‘not having time’.

People say ‘time management’. But is it?

Isn’t it ‘self-management’ that we actually need?

The time is the same for everyone, we just need to adjust ourselves in these 24 hours in a way that all our prioritized stuff gets done.

Whatever gets scheduled, gets done. (Robin Sharma!)

Do we ever schedule our day?

Yeah yeah, I know about the TO-DO List.

Have we made the TO DO list of the stuff that we usually leave out of the list?

Personal stuff?

Taking your spouse out?

Taking time out for the kids, parents, siblings, friends?

Of going for your daily walk/gym/sports?

Reading that important book/article/post that could make your life a little better?

Taking that course which could change your future?

Yes, you do.

Then, what happens?

I know.

Happens with me as well. (Sometimes, Thank God!)

Enter: The Big Boss who rules our world: Our Mood!

(You might want to read my earlier post, “Abhi Mood Nahi Hai: Lazy or Stupid? (Procrastination)”

Thinking about a conversation I had this afternoon with a friend prompted me to write this post.

Let me share it, briefly:

Me: TV seems to be the biggest culprit of all. It takes a lot of our time away.

Friend: Yes, I know and THAT is why I don’t have a TV in my house!

Me: That’s great. So, what do you do when you get home. Don’t you do your work/study/exercise/read?

Friend: Yes, sometimes, when I feel like it. Otherwise, even if I don’t do anything, the night sets in. And the day is suddenly gone.


Got the idea?

Successful people have as many distractions as everyone else has, and I am sure they have many more that money can buy that you & I can only imagine!

Yet, they are extremely focused on their priorities, goals and what they need to do to reach where they want to.

They do all the things that you & I don’t because we have the excuse of ‘I didn’t feel like doing it today‘ and they somehow have taught themselves not to listen to this BS (yes, that is correct!) – anymore.

Its not the TV, laptop, cell phone or Blackberry. It is YOU who is creating excuses, procrastinating & so much so that we don’t even feeling guilty for not doing what we are supposed to be doing.

Make a DON’T DO List. (Courtesy Tom Peters)

You don’t need to answer your cell phone every time it rings. You could always call them back when you are done with importan stuff.

You don’t even need to check emails every five minutes. Even if you check them after every two hours, the sky won’t fall!

Say no to distractions. Friends who call/come in at the wrong time.

Focus relentlessly on the stuff that matters, because that is what is going to help you playing your best game.

Everything else is a ‘waste of time’!

I end this post with this brilliant quote by Charles Darwin:

A man who dares to waste one hour of his life has not discovered the value of life.

Hope this helps.


Keep dreaming.


Follow your passion. But work on it, too!


Nuruddin Abjani

Photo: http://blogs.mulesoft.org/the-developer-testing-paradox/

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  1. Your article very interesting, we have so many things in everyday life and it has made ??all of us time. Sometimes we need to stop and rest and look back over time and thoughts

  2. Brilliant and always gives me immense pleasure to read your Blog, They are o doubt very informative, too the point ad yes Important for me as I am a victim of procrastination for few weeks but Thanks to you for replying me o FB and everywhere I used to contact you .

    Sir, keep blogging , Share your point of view and pearls of wisdom from your experience.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mehak Khan

  3. Its so important to use your time wisely on the things that really matter to you. Time is so precious and obligation may present itself, but whatever it is that you believe holds importance, matters. We love this post and the idea that its O.K. to want what you want, its all about finding your groove and living authentically while you do it!-PsychedinSF

  4. Nice article, time is value for those who are focused. BTW I love robin Sharma’s quote, I schedule my workout to grocery day to a date night. Sometime it’s silly and then you do spontaneous things.

    Be blessed!

  5. It feels good to know that there are still people out there who realize the value of things which have long been forgotten by the masses…May Allah grant you a happy life in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

    1. Dear Yousuf,

      Thanks for the kind words. Please share this with people who you think can benefit from it.

      I do sift through the stuff that you share. Keep it up.

      Keep inspiring.

      God bless you too.


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