Importance of A Piece of Paper

Have you ever forgotten something that you had thought about a minute ago?

Like an errand that you had to run, a flash of a brilliant idea, or an answer to an important question that you had been pondering over?


We all have this awesome body part called ‘brain’ between our ears. And It usually plays tricks on us.

When we really want to recall something, it goes blank. And when we are relaxed & thinking on an entirely different tangent, it pops up.

So, if you are an average human being like me, and when you have this sudden flash from your brain should you just leave it at that or do something about it?
Leaving it alone could also help, but the only concern is what if doesn’t come back?

What if you can’t recall it again?

What if you can’t think about it again?
Chances are its gone – almost forever.

I have been using a simple yet very effective ‘technique’ to solve this problem.

I am sure you can imagine what I am about to say now!


I use a piece of paper & pen to write everything that I consider important to note. I carry cards/paper with me, everywhere I go. That means EVERYWHERE!

You could use anything from fancy flashcards to a plain A4 sheet. Just fold the sheet to a size suitable to your taste/need & begin writing whenever you think of something.

These points come handy when you actually need them.

And BECAUSE you have already written these points, you remember them as well.

I know this is very simple, yet a lot of people don’t do this.

I can promise you that you will become better at whatever you do just by writing things down.

What makes successful people succeed are habits – both simple & difficult – that they have adopted & internalized.

What are your thoughts about this?

Do you carry this important tool with you?

Keep dreaming, keep shining.

Stay blessed.


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