“I am Bored …!” Really?

I have heard people of all ages complain about two things:

1. I don’t have time!

2. I am bored.

Of course, the list of complaints that we all have can go on and on.

I have already shared my views on the first one in “I Don’t Have Time!”. Let’s talk about the second & more important one now.

First of all, is ‘being bored’ a physical condition which has to be cured?

I guess not.

So, we agree that it is something that our mind does to us. Meaning a mental condition?

This is the frame of mind that a lot of people find themselves in & do not usually know how to change it. Or, sometimes, don’t want to change it.

This also happens when one has lot of serious stuff to do. Serious as in ‘work’ (or ‘art’ as my GuruJee – Seth Godin puts it) that one doesn’t enjoy doing. Even if your career depended on it! Because you are plain bored… 

Or is it something you don’t want to do because its difficult & you somehow can’t muster enough strength to begin. And hence, you are bored.

Does this make sense?

One can get bored with:

My life

My work

My friend

My friends

GF/BF… Or both…(!)

You can add your own reasons for boredom here…

I see people spending (read: wasting) time on a lot of activities that are not beneficial in the short or long term.

Why did I talk about benefit here?

Some of you will scream: Why not just have FUN & forget about benefits, for now at least!

You will say, “I worked all day, listened to my boss screaming at me for something that I didn’t do! And I come home and read this blog of yours & you talk to me about benefits!”

Its alright if you don’t feel like that. But, even if you do, it is ok to feel like that.

But then, is there a way out?

You have your usual days in a ‘routine-type’ life.

You go to work.

Finish work by 6,7 or sometimes even 8 in the evening.

Come home.

Have dinner.

Watch TV.

Go on Facebook, Twitter, Chat with friends etc.

Or play one of those addictive games till you drop dead…

Or you have your own version of stuff to do in your spare time. And yet you feel that you are not enjoying it. You keep searching for something new and different to play with. And once you do, you are hooked for a couple of days/weeks or even months but then its the same boredom.

Rings a bell?


Now, lets talk about ‘spare time’ and ‘stuff to do’.

Yesterday, my very wise friend, Azad Lalani, quoted:

“It is not what you do from 9-5, but what you do between 5 to 9 that counts!”

If we ponder over it we’ll realize that everyone does a ‘job’. Either it is your business, a job, studies etc. Everyone is usually busy in the day. And in today’s competitive world it is not enough to work all day and ‘get bored’ in the evening. Ever heard of ‘Life long learning’? No? Some other time…

To survive and excel in these ‘easy’ times, one has to do things that others don’t. Things which others find ‘boring’.

Be it reading a book that you don’t want to, or

Watching a TEDTalk video that you want to but you somehow don’t! Or,

Begin a project that is (was?) supposed to be submitted this week.


But, before that, lets talk about your career/job/work. I know I know… You didn’t come here to talk about that. But if you wait for a minute and keep reading, you will understand that there is a direct link to your work & boredom.

Take a piece of paper. Any paper. You can even create a new message on your phone & start writing.

Name the person in your office that is going places & is being promoted every time & does her job well & seems to know everything & is always prepared.

Write her/his name on the paper & then begin writing why she/he is like that?

What are her good points. Why is she/he being doted upon. Why everyone is happy with him/her. Why does she/he seem to be on top her game whereas you can only lag behind or turn green with envy?

Success comes from spending your time wisely.

Everyone has a TV & a computer, but you won’t find wise (successful) people wasting time on Facebook/TV shows and  a lot of similar activities. (Did I mention sleeping? There is a post I wrote “Sleep Less, Live More”. For those who are interested, click here.)


Don’t they need a break?

Aren’t they human beings?

Don’t they get bored with always being up & running?

In my opinion, yes they are human beings like you & me, but they have their priorities right. They do have fun, but they also invest their time wisely in order to create a better future for themselves & their families.

I will leave you with this thought today:

If you are getting bored then are your priorities set correctly?

If yes…. Great!

If not, then work at it and you will see a ‘New & Improved YOU’, for the better… Forever.

Keep succeeding, keep shining.

Stay blessed.


Picture: www.sodahead.com


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  • Amir Morani CPA

    Great thoughts – thanks for sharing them. I hope you continue to write and share. You are doing a lot of good for people, continue doing that. May God give you the strength to continue your service. That’s all that matters – I know it so well now.
    Amir Morani

  • I don’t have time!

    I am bored

    Two verses or listen and I myself sometimes too.

  • fatima

    wonderfully explained once again..your such a source of inspiration for me…whenever there is only misery left with me your blogs works as a light in the darkness for me….have so much inspired from you that i have just opened an online bakery on facebook named inicio bakers & stuffs also include my handmade stuffs..all the credit goes to you.
    i m a housewife and mother of 1 year old..too hard to work…but the inspiration you ve given is priceless

    • Dear Fatima,
      Thanks for your touching comments.
      I wish you the very best with your new venture, Inicio.
      The credit will always go to you because you DID something and made it happen. And thats what counts.
      Love n prayers for your family.

  • likita

    Good one, boredom a syndrome of life wasting activities. find what u love doing and the pills for boredom is taken.

  • Dear friend,
    Thanks for your touching comment.
    My best wishes & prayers for you and your cousin. I can imagine that it must be an effort to even read stuff that matters. But I am sure you are working around your problem with a positive attitude. I also know that its easier said than done.
    No one can have any idea of others’ problem till she gets into his shoes.
    I have a dear friend, Nooruddin Bhamani aka Munna Bhai. I have written about him in my blog: http://tinyurl.com/bm3l2zs. He has been an inspiration to me. Read it. It might help.
    God bless you with the best of everything.
    Love & prayers for everyone.

  • Yousuf Rafi

    lovely post bro!!!! as usual made me think….. other day talking with a co worker discussed this issue…. he said something which I found worth sharing here…. “At the end of each day I keep something to look forward to…. like watching a movie…. have chat with a friend… eating ice – cream” these are simple things but Life is all about appreciating simple things…. which makes Life meaningful!!! (: lovely blog bro (;

    • Thanks, Yousuf Rafi.
      Yes, things to look forward to. Thats the icing on the cake.
      Just a thought.
      Stay blessed.